Everything in my life is connected.


One event, good or bad, leads to another, and every step in the right direction gets me closer to where I want to be. I have also learned that every step in the wrong direction doesn't necessarily take me off course.   Those steps bring me closer to the reason why I am on this path to begin with. A journey off course means I needed to reconnect with the spirit of my mission in life.


My writing is a reflection of the many turns in my life.


This one started with one word,and the world created the opportunity to share it with someone along the way.


In my travels, I hardly ever listen to the radio. I always carry CDs so I can learn while I drive. One of my favorite authors is Robert Fulghum. Since my all-time favorite author Og Mandino passed away, I started collecting everything I could find by Fulghum. I enjoy his voice and appreciate his wit. Both he and Og are great story tellers.


In "Words I Wish I Wrote," Fulghum explains what artists refer to as "pentimento."


Sometimes after a work of art is finished, the artist will repaint a section, covering up something he doesn't like. After years of exposure the original will sometimes show through. Being able to see the creation underneath is referred to as "pentimento." The process is compared to repenting.


I must have replayed that part of the CD four or five times. I thought about how many times in my life I tried to cover up something. Perhaps a flaw in my personality, or even a habit that I would like to change, only to find it showing through at a very inappropriate time. But sometimes what we cover up is something authentic, something we need.


Excited about this new revelation, I automatically expected to find a reason to share it.


After speaking at a recent conference, I met Cathy. She approached me, saying, "I found myself the other day."


"Why? Were you missing?" I replied.