Bob's photo of the sunrise
I survived all the endings and beginnings of the New Year celebration. I faced them head on.  

Actually, my wife and I went to bed.  No Times Square, no horns, hats, or streamers.  I did wake up a minute or so after midnight to the sounds of local fireworks.  I rolled over, whispered in Marianne's ear, "Happy New Year, baby," kissed her on the cheek and went back to sleep. 

It really added to my already perfect holiday.


January 1st  always finds me reflecting back on the past and cautiously wondering about the future.


The first day back to work always causes me to wonder if I am headed in the right direction. 


I ask myself, "Am I doing what I want to do?"  "Am I doing the very best I can with all I have to offer?"


It was an early morning drive that always takes at least an hour and fifteen minutes, which opened my heart and mind to a very hope-filled new day and, most importantly, new year.


I am not normally a morning person.  Coffee needs to circulate through my system for a few hours before I realize I am awake.  But because this holiday season was so perfect, I truly woke up with a smile on my face.


I mean it.  I now wake up, remember how good my life is, and smile.  I have now changed from groaning and moaning about what's wrong in my life, to smiling about all that's right.


Still, I do need coffee. 


I headed off into the darkness of day on a road that takes me directly into the rising sun, often blinding me as I approach crucial intersections. 


That realization, and hazelnut coffee from a local deli, is just enough to begin the wake-up process I so desperately need.


On this day, I was awe-struck by the beauty of the sunrise.  I had the sensation of melting into a painter's palette as I drove head on into the daylight.


It was right at the halfway mark of my journey where I normally stop to stretch and refill my coffee that I connected with another daydreamer. I pulled into the lot and got out of my car.  I stood leaning on the door

looking toward the sunrise.


The parking lot at this hour is just beginning to show signs of life.  Early morning travelers pull into this watering hole with the same goal in mind: to "wake up" and face reality.


Standing there, still soaking up the moment, I was startled by the words of a fellow traveler.


"Into another day," she said.


I looked around as I tried to refocus my attention to where I was and what I stopped to do. "I'm sorry. What did you say?"  I asked.


"Into another day. I love driving here everyday on my way to work.  I drive not only to work but directly into the day," she said.


She then said goodbye and headed into the store.


I never thought about it that way.


What a great way to see it.  What a great attitude to have as I begin the new year. I won't just wake up everyday. I will make every step I take count by purposely heading right into the day.


As long as I am able, I will direct myself, my hopes and dreams, my wondering, worrying, and fanciful plans head on into each and every day God gives to me.


I decided on this particular day, I did not need another cup of coffee. I pulled out my camera phone and took a snapshot of the very sky, the very moment that inspired me to not only wake up smiling, but head straight on into it on purpose.


My 2007 motto is now..."Into the day!"


Right after coffee, of course.


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