"When I slow down and meditate, I have a great sense of well being."

"Constant prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to fill me is my answer."

"I think of all the people who are also experiencing what I am, and I unite with them..."

"Prayer is the only communication that should require that much attention."

Welcome to the Loneliness

"Loneliness can be a call for us to go inward."

"Say it out loud: 'I am lonely.'"

"When you encounter it, look at it as an opportunity to grow."

Volunteer/ Help Others

"People in nursing homes are lonely too and some never get visitors..."

"If you have talents of some kind, search out your local area and see if you can volunteer somewhere."

"Donating food at a food bank and helping to hand it out..."

"The more you give of yourself, the more people will see the value of your wisdom and be attracted to you."

Turn to God

"Make the Trinity your best friend."

"It's hard when you’re hurting but I've learned when the focus is truly on God what else matters."

"Fighting loneliness is remembering that you are never really alone. God is with us at all times."

"The first step in fighting loneliness is for people to turn back to God."

Turn to Friends

"There are 8 of us and we meet at a restaurant..."

"Invite all your friends, especially those you have not seen in while, and rent a limousine..."

"We meet once a week in the morning online using Yahoo conferencing..."

"One night a week I meet with my gal friends at the local hotel to enjoy refreshments..."

Meet New People

"Take the time to have a conversation with someone..."

"I ran a small advertisement in our local magazine with the words 'Anyone over fifty, wishing to make new friends'..."

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