Topic: Helen Keller once said "Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light."  She was an amazing example of a person who regarded her physical disabilities as advantages rather than weaknesses and therefore saw no limit to what she could achieve.  

‘Disability’ means many things to many people. The disabled/differently abled population encompasses a variety of physical conditions such as blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, attention deficit disorder, and depression. There are many more. But as plenty of people with disabilities know, it’s a mistake to confuse disability with inability.

Beliefnet wants to put together a collection of stories and photographs of people with disabilities and faith. We want to hear your stories of inspiration and courage.  Maybe you'll find yourself in an upcoming feature on Beliefnet! 

What To Do:

1. Write your story.

2. Find photos that help tell it.

3. Email both to the below address.

Send It To: editorialbeliefnet2@gmail.com.  The subject line should be "My Inspirational Disability Story."

Deadline: Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Please note:

  • Include your name, your occupation, your city/state of residency.
  • All images and writing must be original to you. If you are submitting a work that has been previously published elsewhere, please make sure there will be no conflict before submitting to us. We just want to remind you that, per our Terms of Service Beliefnet trusts that you only send material you actually own (i.e. not other people's copyrighted materials) and by sending it to us, you grant us and our editorial partners the right to use it in any form.
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