And when did you and Lisa finally meet?

We met first on the Oprah Show, and I believe that was in October. We did not want to meet out on stage for the first time. We met in the back first, and we were glad to finally see each other and hug each other and thank each other, and then we went out on stage in front of the audience.

Do you still have a relationship with her?

Yes, I do. I keep in touch with his entire family. 

You said you felt you had a spiritual calling and that you were placed in the Beamers’ lives for a reason. Could you talk about that?

A Spiritual Calling
I believe that God used me as a messenger for the Beamer family and to deliver God’s message the way he wanted it to be delivered, and I’m pretty sure that God used me for that reason.

You know, God has an assignment for you that only you can fulfill. And I think God uses us as we are with our unique gifts, abilities, and experiences. And I wasn’t prepared for my test on September the 11th. I went on faith and made myself available. God is not concerned about your ability, but your availability.

I was wondering how you’ve changed. You said you were an ordinary wife and working mother before.

A Life-Changing Experience
I’m just a mother and a wife going to work every day, and now this has changed my life in so many ways that spiritually, this has brought me closer to God. I find myself praying more often over any situation. And emotionally, it’s taken a toll on me because I was in therapy for a while. Being a private person, I’ve always shared my views with family and friends, and now I find myself sharing them with the media.

And over the last five years, I have tried to step up to the array of challenges resulting from it with sensitivity, encouragement, and a message of faith in God and his provision.

Did you ever feel angry with God for allowing all this to happen?

 No. I won’t say I never feel angry. I know we’re not supposed to question him. I wanted to, but I never did. So I didn’t question him and I did not feel angry. You know, the way I look at it, God picked certain people. He handpicked certain people to be on that flight and he picked a group full of heroes, people he knew that would stand up against the terrorists and fight back for the good of our nation and that’s exactly what they did.

What church do you belong to?

I belong to Greater St. John’s Bible Church.

What denomination is that?

Baptist. With Pastor Ira J. Acree, and that’s on the west of Chicago.

How has your faith changed since this experience?

I go to church more often. I guess I wasn’t the type of person that was in church every Sunday, but now I go to church more often than I used to before. I definitely feel closer to God. It’s brought my faith much, much stronger.

What’s the message that you feel God wants you to share in the book?

Each time I tell this story, I receive so many great responses from it. We felt that this book could encourage someone, and it should be in writing. And the reason that we wrote “Called” is because I believe that any one of us can find ourselves in a similar situation where we may be called upon to do something extraordinary when we least expect to do it. But the question is, are we prepared to respond to whatever it is that God has planned for us? And I believe that God used me as an ear witness to the bravery of the men and women on Flight 93.