Everyone gets off track from time to time – it’s normal and a consequence of living in a complex, stressful world. Attract abundance and maintain a good mental equivalent by raising your vibration. Raising your vibration means giving loving attention, or energy, to what you want. We get faster results by attuning to an idea of what we want and then allowing it to come into our lives, because we are already in a state of thankfulness that it is here. That is another reason we write affirmations in the present moment: there really isn’t any other time in our lives that is important. Live in the now, thank in the now, love in the now, and allow prosperity to happen in the now, knowing it is already present.

When we concentrate on the effects of the world, rather than our supply, we lower our vibrational quality, making it much harder to demonstrate what we want. You’ve heard the concept of alignment and finding “center” from many spiritual teachers, achieved by chanting, prayer, meditation, chakra balancing, even martial arts or exercise. Those activities help raise your vibrational quality by helping you to identify or resonate with the true self, so that goodness can manifest. Essentially, you are attuning to your God-force. That is why in affirmations, we focus on the “I am” within us and align our vibrational quality with that of our God/Goddess energy.

We do a pretty job of cultivating our own negative programming and often bring to the table a lot of negative assumptions about money and abundance that lower our vibration. You might recognize these.

  • It was never meant for me to have money.

  • I’m poor but clean (or good, pure, happy, content).

  • If I want to lead a spiritual life and be closer to God, it means I must have to give everything up. I’ll be like Christ (or Buddha, Rumi, Mohammed, Mother Teresa) because not having any material wealth means I am purer (or righteous, religious, going to get a better afterlife).

  • You can live a pure life only without material items.

  • I don’t want to learn about how money works – I’ll just let ______________do it.

  • I just want to spend money.

  • I only care about large sums of money. Why should I pick up a penny off the sidewalk?

  • It’s not worth my time, so I’ll just do a mediocre (or lousy) job.
    This shows overall disrespect for your true supply when it’s giving you an opportunity. Choose not to do the job instead!

  • Prosperity means I have to take something away from someone else.

  • I can’t enjoy wealth because I feel guilty.

  • I will never be able to afford that.
    You are building a “can’t afford” consciousness. You will bring more events and things into your life that you cannot afford.

  • I can’t imagine having a million dollars – I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

  • If I had a million dollars, I’d give it all away.

  • If I become wealthy, why should I be generous? I struggled so long, I’m going to let everyone else know how it feels not to have anything.

  • People who have money are wealthy snobs.

  • Being rich is selfish. You can have too much money.

  • Rich people consume all the world’s natural resources. I love the earth too much to be rich.

  • Money represents temptation and evil.

  • I don’t deserve what I really want.

  • I don’t want this deal not to work out.
    If you’re constantly worried about lack, you’ll attract it.

  • I just want to be rich.
    This one is particularly self-defeating, because you’ll spend your energy on getting the money without any focus on how to do it.

  • You won’t be able to demonstrate the law of being with this type of mental muck. Start affirming that you are a prosperity magnet because you possess the boundless wealth of the universe without exception. Spend time raising your vibration. Say that you attract all good things today, not tomorrow or next week. Love yourself, praise your abilities in the present moment, and build feelings of confidence.

  • I am a prosperous, intelligent, capable individual who can do anything.

  • I deserve health, wealth, love, and happiness in my life. I thank the universe for my opportunities.

  • I pay my bills with love and joy…
  • Come on, you can do this one!

  • …I love that I have the ability to pay this bill, and I rejoice in the goods and services I have received as a result of this bill.

  • I see the abundance in the universe everywhere I go. I see it in myself.

  • I am a loving individual, who is part of unlimited creation; therefore, I am unlimited in what I can do.

  • I am my divine self and I choose to demonstrate my highest good. I prosper everywhere I go because I love life.

  • I am an open channel to receive my abundance from the universe. I am open to new opportunities.

    Remain open to the possibility that the universe is infinitely more creative than you in choosing the channel for abundance to flow through. If you outline exactly how you want to receive your good, you are definitely giving the idea some clarity. But be flexible. Devising a mental equivalent to own the winning lottery ticket might be a way to manifest abundance, but you are limiting the avenues by which good can come to you. Likewise, it’s great to visualize opening the front door to discover a huge basketful of money, but it is more likely that the universe will present prosperity through people and opportunities. Be attentive and keep your options open.

    Maintain high vibrational quality by practicing verbal harmlessness. Always extend loving thoughts to those around us. What you see in others is what you will see in yourself, and you’ll reproduce that vibration in your immediate environment. You are attracting that which you are, or think you are. If you are attuning to the highest vision of your true self, how can you go wrong? There are also two words you need to eradicate from your vocabulary: hate and try. Hate, because you can’t have hate as part of your mindset even if you are talking about the corned beef sandwich you had for lunch. Try, because if you say you will try something, it implies that you aren’t going to do it now, only sometime in the future.

    Learn to set a mental equivalent of gentleness and generosity and act with poise, grace, loving-kindness, ease, and serenity. You’ll be surprised how little practice you will need until you permanently internalize those peaceful qualities within and find others possessing those qualities who are part of your everyday experience.

    Practicing verbal harmlessness also applies to what you say about you. Nothing lowers your vibration quicker than self-criticism. Whatever you say about yourself applies to everyone because we’re the same soul substance – and what you see in a mirror is what you will see in every person in your life. If I say I am weak, poor, or broke, I am saying you are too, because we are the same substance. Further, if I say I am stupid, I have just called the Divine stupid – not empowered thinking! By putting yourself down, you are conditioning your mind to believe it, which means you are focusing on lack in yourself. How can the infinite self lack? Become conscious of the spirit within you as your infinite supply. Know that you are composed of perfect soul material. Keep your affirmations in the present tense, be positive, stop using hate and try, stop self-criticism, and know that you are already wonderfully rich.

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