My niece Wendy was always very tiny for her age. She was born in the mid-1960s with a hole in her heart.

Surgery was inevitable by the age of 10. The night before her operation, Wendy went from room to room in the hospital, giving the other children all her money--dollar bills that she had saved over the years.

She was from a poor family and the money was a fortune to her. She explained to us that she would not need this money or ever get a chance to spend it. She also told her mommy to find a new kid to scratch her back, as Wendy liked to do.

She told everyone not to cry for her, and was so happy and serene as she went into surgery. Surprisingly, the surgery went very well. But then her blood pressure dropped so low that she could not be stabilized.

She went to Heaven that day--this tiny girl with the bluest of eyes and the sweetest of smiles. She seemed to know she was going and was happy about it.

I rejoice to know that she is there, with Jesus, well and whole, and that I will see her again one day.

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