Loose Change from Heaven
Although we might not know it at the time, God does reward us for our good deeds. By Mario Staiano

Finding God on the Mountain
A scoutmaster discovers he had to get lost in order to find what was missing from his life. By Tony McIntosh

Oh Happy Day!
Beliefnet members share memories of the happiest days of their lives.

A Cleansing of My Soul
As my son lay in a hospital bed after a horrible car accident, I witnessed a miracle. By Loral Orow

On Stage With God
After a desperate call for help, a struggling musician's dream comes true. By Alison Hale

Surrounded by Love
A new mom suffering from postpartum depression is comforted by a 'soft light.' By Kim Poulton

You've Got to Have Faith
As I battled life-threatening complications of surgery, two glowing beings appeared in my room to comfort me. By Melissa Mardueno

'I Was Saved for a Reason'
Hurricane Katrina disrupted my life and destroyed my home. But knowing that God has a purpose for me keeps me going. By Rachelle Anderson

A Sign of the Heart
Before my heart transplant, I was drawn to a special boy who appeared to me in a dream. Was he the donor who would save my life? By Jan Jimenez

A Cry From Deep Inside
A young father's plea to save his son. By Robert Hensler

Touched by the Hand of an Angel
As I drove my daughter home one night, a mysterious sensation on my shoulder saved us from disaster. By Carol Crocker

The Ladybug on My Shoulder
A message from God helped me see that I am never alone. By Stephanie Spencer

Dollar Bills From an Angel
My young niece always thought of others--even when facing death. By Peggy McElwee

For Every Act of Kindness
I never imagined that the stray puppy I picked up years ago would save my family from disaster. By Connie Pabey

Words to Live By
As a young man serving in Vietnam, I received a surprising letter that brought me hope and comfort. By Bill Worthman

'She Only Knew How to Love'
As I watched my autistic daughter go out onto a baseball field, spinning and laughing, I relished the beauty of the moment. By Sherry Wright

Nothing Is Impossible
It's never too late to make a dream come true. By Jean Marotta

A Hospital-Room Miracle
Divine intervention saved my grandson. By Carol Gonzales

An Angel in Disguise
A visit from a repairman solves my money woes. By Chandrika Bhaskar

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