Today's exercise helps you regain joy and enthusiasm.

Day 5: Awaken the Child Within

When I am with my grandchildren, I get so involved in all their activities that my energy seems endless. Of course, by the evening I am ready for an early bedtime, but the enthusiasm and joy of my grandchildren is contagious - they bring out the child in me.

Get in touch with the playful part of you. What did you enjoy doing as a child? What interested you? What games did you love to play? Don't just visualize yourself doing those things, but get out your old games and play them again. Spend more time with children, go to playgrounds, ride a swing, go down a slide and awaken the child within you and let it communicate with the adult you are today. Ask your inner child what it wants to do. Inspiration restores you to life.

What awakens your spirit? Find a way to bring it into your life; if possible, make it the way you earn a living. If you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. At the very least find the time in your life to have the time of your life.

Without the will to live, you will go nowhere. Decide what you want and go for it with an enthusiasm that all those around you can feel. You will make your inspiration contagious, believe me, and help will appear that you never expected. The journey is what it is about - not just the destination.

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