Essential truism. You can't let go into the future if you can't let go of the past.

The not-so-remarkable reason is that it takes a dedicated focus of energy to empower your dream. Energy focused primarily on positive thoughts and events, dedicated toward the constructive and the creative, has the power to transcend us, moving beyond the ordinary.

Believe it to be unquestionably true that inner energy is the force that can transform outer change, shaping our world and everything in it.

It's unfortunate that so many grasp onto everything that has happened to them as if their lives depended on it, when in fact, the great glory of life depends on letting go. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that you must let go of a thing for a new one to come to you. Sage advice. By jettisoning certain embraced emotions, you make way to receive more of the innate joy life has for you.

Detach yourself from grudge and grievances. Holding on to bitterness, you will satisfy no one. Let go of old hurts, unkind words, broken promises, the scrapes and scars inflicted by friends, loved ones, and past relationships. These are vitriolic voids that pilfer and pulverize energy.

Include them out.

Painful memories, fault-finding, and unhappy feelings sap enormous energy and contribute to making you feel unworthy and undeserving. Holding judgments against others, we are actually holding back ourselves, impeding our journey forward. When you allow your energy to be channeled in the direction of rancor, to expend even the smallest amount of it to cling to unresolved emotions such as anger, resentment, hostility, disappointment, guilt, or envy, is to obstruct the flow of vital energy needed to cultivate and deliver empowerment.

But be warned. There is no empowerment without undeviating focused energy. Again, holding on will hold you back. Animosity, complaint, and resentment deter precious energy and poison the air. This is why so many dreams die somewhere along the way.

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