When Beliefnet asked Sherron Watkins for an interview, she declined, stating that she has not granted any interviews thus far. But she did respond by e-mail to a question about how her religious faith influenced her whistleblowing actions at Enron and her testimony before Congress.

I am currently a member of First Presbyterian Church in Houston, but was raised at Salem Lutheran in Tomball. The Lutheran doctrine really stresses that it is a sin to worry--it means you are not trusting that God loves you and will take care of you. I love the assurances given in Matthew 6: 25-34.

Also, when you think about it, Martin Luther was one of the very first "whistleblowers"--I grew up learning of his example--he read the bible and knew that we are saved by the grace of God, through faith, not from works. At the time, the Catholic church was preaching to its flock that it was money and works--the people had restricted access to the bible. Either they couldn't read or it was not translated into their own language, plus (because of hand translation, no modern printing) there were limited copies of the bible available anyway.

Catholic priests and the Pope had urged bloody crusades from the ninth to the fifteenth century. They were telling the people untruths and claiming it came from the bible. Martin Luther stood up to the pope and the Catholic church in 1517--that's a pretty big task.

When you think of it, that is the state of Islam today--the mullahs translate the Koran for their flock and preach that only the Arabic version is the true Koran. Many Muslim nations have a high illiteracy rate as well. We should strive to improve each Muslim's ability to read the Koran for themselves, because it does not contain or preach many of the things that certain people are using to support terrorism.

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