Excerpted from "The Little Book of Candle Power" with permission of DeVorss & Company.


Photo c 2002
by Paul Rocheleau
THE RITUAL OF CANDLE-LIGHTING is a powerful medium that you can use in the creative process of lighting your thinking-which means lighting your life. This ancient practice results in total self-empowerment. In our increasingly mechanistic world, a more spiritual and personal approach is needed by us all. Candle-lighting helps you fashion a personal approach with beauty, warmth, and radiance.

Ancient and modern wisdom teaches that what you think about happens: energy always follow thought. The wise now, as then, use this most simple of tools, the candle, to visualize and manifest-via affirmation, meditation, or prayer-new conditions into their lives or to snuff out the old and unwanted thinking patterns and their undesirable consequences.

As you light the appropriately colored candle for a certain goal or purpose, you begin the journey of lighting, and therefore experiencing, your life as you desire it to be. You can think or speak aloud your Meditation via the candle flame or write your wish on a piece of paper placed beneath the candle.

Remember that a burning candle should never be unattended, especially in the presence of children or pets.

Protection . Purity . Peace of Mind . Communication with the "Other Side."

Meditation: I am Protection. I know that I am in the embrace of a Power greater than I am that keeps me from all danger and harm. "For underneath are the everlasting arms." I am not vulnerable or at risk of any kind. A circle of protection surrounds me and mine and all. So it is!

Love . Peace of Mind . Sleep . Prosperity
Good Energy

Meditation: I am Love. I am loving, and I am loved. Love works through me as my source and my outcome. I am Love in action. All non-loving thoughts and feelings find no place in me. Love goes forth from me and comes back to me multiplied. So it is!

Money . Employment . Plants & Gardens . Calming . Healing . Revitalizing

Meditation: I am employed, and am always employed, by that Self of me that is greater than I am. I do not come into or fall out of its service; I am always there. It expresses as me and serves up continuously perfect opportunities, stimulating responsibilities, delightful conditions, and generous compensation. I am happy, taking charge, taken care of, and fulfilled. So it is!

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