Reprinted with permission from "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" (Hampton Roads Publishing).

Way back in the thirties a couple of guys in the Orient were attempting to prove that thoughts were real things, and that different kinds of thoughts create different kinds of vibration. So they decided to see if they could actually photograph vibrations of thought. And by golly they did, right through steel walls, an experiment that's been replicated many times since. (See From Enigma to Science, by George W. Meek, Samuel Weiser Inc. 1977.)

But they also proved something else perhaps even more important. They found that the more emotion the thinker/sender charged his thoughts with, the clearer the picture turned out to be! These fellows were possibly the first to prove that there is magnetic energy attached to our thought, and that thought is propelled by our emotions. What they missed, though, is that because the vibrational waves (emotions) we send out are magnetically charged, we are literally walking magnets, constantly pulling back into our world anything that just happens to be playing on the same frequency or wavelength.

For instance, when we're feeling up, filling with joy and gratitude, our emotions are sending out high frequency vibrations that will magnetize only good stuff back to us, meaning anything with the same high vibratory frequency that matches what we're sending out. Like attracts like.

On the other hand, when we're experiencing anything that joy isn't, such as fear, worry, guilt, or even mild concern, those emotions are sending out low-frequency vibrations. Since low frequencies are every bit as magnetic as high frequencies, they're going to attract only cruddy stuff back to us, meaning anything of that same low frequency that will cause us to feel (and vibrate) as [badly] as what we're sending out. We may be flesh and blood, but first and foremost we are energy-magnetic energy at that. Which makes us living, breathing magnets.

Crazy as that may sound, it's high time we woke up to the fact that we are electromagnetic beings tripping around with this mind-boggling capacity to magnetize into our lives whatever in the world we desire by controlling the feelings that come from our thoughts.

But because we exist on this planet in a predominantly low frequency field of energy born of over six billion people who are vibrating more feelings of stress and fearfulness than joy, we involuntarily take in those vibrations and react to them. Which means that until we consciously learn to override the pervasive low frequencies in which we exist, we will keep recycling unpleasant outcomes into our lives day after tiresome day. Just like swimming in salt water, if we don't wash the residue off, sooner or later it's going to make us mighty uncomfortable.

So, once again: Our feelings go out from us in electromagnetic waves. Whatever frequency goes out will automatically attract its identical frequency, thus causing things to happen-good or bad-by finding their matching vibrations.Like attracts like; it's a classic rule of physics.

The more we think about something with even feeble emotion, the bigger and more powerful that something becomes in our life, regardless of whether it's the lack of what we want, or the thing itself.

If we say, "I want perfect health," and think emotionally about perfect health all the time, we'll either have it now or it will be on its way. But if we say, "I don't want sickness," and think emotionally about that often enough, we're opting for ill health because our focus is on the sickness.

If we think a lot about wanting a new house and can feel ourselves in it, it's on its way. But if we're constantly saying, "I don't want to live in this place any more," we'll be sticking around for a while.

If we think emotionally about something long enough, whether it's something we want or something we don't want, it's going to be coming into our world, like it or not.

What comes to us has nothing to do with what we're doing physically, or how worthy we are, or how good we are, or what our nonexistent destiny may be. It has only to do with how we are vibrating! Which means feeling. Which means attracting. Period!

Four Steps to Positive Change
So here's what Mom and Pop never told us, because Mom and Pop never knew..Here are the four steps to deliberate creation, the four steps that are guaranteed-that's right, guaranteed--to bring into your life whatever is your passion and much, much more. They are guaranteed because they are universal law, the basic principles from which all creation has sprung. Now they are yours, if you want them.

Step 1. Identify what you DON'T want.
Step 2. From that, identify what you DO want.
Step 3. Get into the feeling place of what you want.
Step 4. Expect, listen, and allow it to happen.

That's it. That's all there is to it. As you get into the swing of this remarkable new journey, things seem to magically change in every area of your life. Worries, concerns, doubts and fears go from a constant ever-present little hum to an uncommon occurrence in a matter of weeks, and you can actually see it and feel it happening every day.

Your health turns around. Your bank account fills up. Your relationships do whatever you'd like them to do. Sales close. Promotions happen. Life becomes a daily joy. It's real. You can see it working. And then you know, you genuinely know, the only one at the helm of your ship is you.

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