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During "Kid Talk" at St. John Lutheran Church, Glendale, Ariz., the pastor asked about the types of angels and their jobs. Having already talked about herald and warrior angels, he was trying to get them to identify archangels. He asked, "What do you suppose archangels do?" Laura, 9, confidently answered: "Ride along with Noah."
--Jaye Thompson
Glendale, Ariz.

Our pastor at Christ Lutheran Church, Long Beach, Calif., was telling the story of the wedding at Cana. After he told how Jesus turned water into wine, he asked if anyone knew what that was called. Without hesitation, one little charmer blurted out: "Recycling."
--Margaret Madsen
Anaheim, Calif.

When discussing the love of money, I asked kids what we do with our money. The responses were pretty normal-"buy clothes, food and toys"-until this answer from an 8-year-old: "A massage!"
--Eric L. Petty
Dallas, Texas

Not my kid...

During a service at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Myers, Fla., the pastor held up a bunch of keys. I believe he was going to tell about the keys to heaven. He asked the children what the keys were for. Some said to get into their home, unlock a cabinet, start the car, etc. Then a girl shouted, "Oh no, you don't need a key to start a car. My father can start one with a screwdriver."
--Einar M. Cannelin
Indianhead Park, Ill.

For the children's sermon on stewardship Sunday, my husband counted out, one by one, nine of 10 dollar bills into a child's hand. Then he held up the remaining bill and asked, "Is this too much to give back to God?" With deafening conviction, a little boy shouted, "Yes!" My husband seized the moment to drive home the point: "It seems some of your parents think the same way."
--Betty Ulrich
Stone Lake, Wis.

I knew we were in trouble when the pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Iowa City, Iowa, asked the children where their Bibles were kept at home. Sure enough, our daughters enthusiastically answered: "Behind the bar!" To a snickering congregation we defended: "Well, those shelves were empty and made great bookcases."
--Pat Olson
Cincinnati, Ohio

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