From "God's Little Book of Guarantees for Marriage" (Multnomah). Used with permission.

How can we live up to the promises we make to each other when we marry? Turning to the Source of all love can help. These day-by-day "guarantees" from the Bible are assurances of God's commitment to help couples guard and nurture their love relationship. And unlike other warranties, God's guarantees have no expiration date!

Second Guarantee
Your Marriage Is Cause for Blessing

The man who fears Me and walks in My ways enjoys immeasurable wealth: labor that produces pleasure and prosperity, a wife who produces glorious children, rich family life. If you are a husband, you set the tone for your domestic bliss. If you are a wife, you provide for your husband's joy. Trust Me and live fully!
From Psalm 128:1-4

Warranty Notes

Let us give God something He can easily bless: a godly home.

Dear God,
I am thankful for the role I play in the family You have given us. Where I lack as a wife/husband, show me how to improve. And help us grow in love for each other and for You that you may bless us.

First Guarantee
I Have Made You One

As soon as I created a man and a woman, I ordained a special relationship for them to share. Millennia later, it still holds true: A man and a woman will leave their families to form a new family of one flesh. This unbreakable union is My idea and My gift - I guarantee it.
From Genesis 2:24

Warranty Notes

God's ideas are always good, full of unexpected blessing and richness.

Dear God,

We forget sometimes that marriage started in Your mind, that it is indeed a "heavenly" idea. Make our eyes sensitive to all the good You've given in our marriage, and help us to be spouses who bring You glory. We thank You for bringing us together. We do believe, Lord, that we are one!

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