Someone once asked me how I could possibly say "I believe in you!" to perfect strangers. "You don't even know who they are. How could you possibly believe in them?" he said.

My reply, "Because I have a license to!" It's true and I have the only one. It came in handy on my recent trip to western Pennsylvania.

It takes me about five and one half hours to drive to Meadville, Pa. When I make the trip, I take along some of my books on tape that inspire me, as well as music that I can sing along with. But I also find satisfaction in long periods of quiet. It is then that I just think about my life and watch the beautiful countryside pass by.

I was in the middle of a very heavy conversation with God and when I cameupon a large van with a trailer behind it.

"God, I really need to find more doors to open," I said. "I believe in myheart that you have bigger plans for me and although you have all the timein the world, at 51, my clock is ticking."

I believe I heard Him laugh at that one.

Then I looked up as I was passing that van. I often wonder where people areheaded, what big moves they are making and say a quick prayer that they arehappy.

"You see these people in next to me? They seem to be making a move. Theyhave plans. They know what they want and where they are going. I need somehelp, here God!" I said.

Just as I got along side I looked down and saw a bumper sticker. It read,"With God, all things are possible!"

I couldn't believe it. It was like a sign to me that God was in charge andwhen the time was right I, too would see the direction my life was going.

"Thanks, God." I said.

As I came along side I saw a young couple in the van. For a split secondour eyes connected and I waved. I then safely pulled ahead of them and watched as they faded out of view in my rear view mirror.

I popped in a Andrea Bocelli CD and played the song "The Prayer." I don'tspeak a word of Italian, but I sing along with him at the top of my lungs.

About thirty minutes down the road I took an exit so that I could fuel upthe car and have a little lunch. Grabbing a sandwich to take with me, I headed to my car. Just as I was about to get in, the van I had passed pulled up. Looking at the couple again, I smiled. They got out and headed toward my car.

"Hello! It looks like you're making a big move," I said.

"Yes, we are," he said. "But you just made it a lot easier."

We introduced ourselves and he explained what he meant.

"This "big move" as you call it is indeed a life changing experience. Wehave given up a great deal to follow our dream. To tell you the truth weweren't sure it was the right thing to do. My wife and I were in the middleof a deep conversation and frankly, re-thinking our plans. She had justsaid to me, "If God wants us to do this, He will let us know somehow. Justthen you passed us," he said.

"Yes, I remember. I saw your bumper sticker," I said.

"Well, He did it," she said.

"He did what?" I asked.

"God confirmed with us that this was the right thing to do," she saidsmiling. "Your license plate was His message to us...."IBLEVNU."

"We couldn't believe our eyes," she said. It was like a confirmation thatwe were doing the right thing."

We started laughing. Then I explained to them that I am a writer and aspeaker and I told them my "I believe in You!" story.

"But, wait. You were the answer to my prayers, too," I said. "I was havingthis deep conversation with God when I passed you and saw your bumpersticker, "With God all things are possible!"

"So He confirmed with us that this was the right move," she said.

"And He renewed my "License to Believe!" I said.

You see, I told you. God sends people into my life as a gift.

He also sent me YOU!

"I believe in You!"