Several years ago, Dominique Glocheux was run over by a taxi. Every bone in his body was broken. During his long months of recuperation, he found himself "pinned to his bed" like a butterfly. The butterfly image took on meaning for him, and for months his mind was full of "black butterflies" --negative thoughts.

Then one day, unexpectedly, a "pink butterfly" emerged, then another, and another. As time passed, they began to fill his days with delight, and he discovered that delight was, indeed, meant to be cultivated. Life was too short to be taken for granted.

"Marvel at your life, see your life in the pink, make your life full of enchantment...happiness is contagious. As soon as your happiness shines its first rays, your family and friends will benefit. It's like showering rose petals on everyone with whom you come in contact."

Dominique Glocheux began collecting his "butterflies." When he had over 500 of them, he put them into a book, which was published as "La Vie en Rose: The Little Book of Joy." It became a bestseller in his home country of France.

Starting on Monday, February 25, we have added one of his maxims a day, for fourteen days. Each idea is simple, it's free, and will help bring a new mindset of actively seeking joy into your life. We invite you to capture these butterflies--but, more important, we invite you to begin to delight in butterflies of your own.

Principle 14:
Learn how to say "I love you" in Italian, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and French. (Ti amo, ani ohev otar, s'agapo, ai shite imassu, bahibak, wo ai nei, ya liubliu, tiebia, jag alskar dig, te quiero, and je t'aime.)

Principle 13:
Be the first to clap after a show or speech.

Principle 12:
Revisit the places and memories of your childhood.

Principle 11:
Take the fliers that people are handing out on the street. They are paid to do this job.

Principle 10:
Frequently say, "It's so nice to see you again!"

Principle 9:
If you could do anything, how would you change your life? Come up with at least three ideas.

Principle 8:
Record all your family's and friends' birthdays on a perpetual calendar. Celebrate them all.

Principle 7:
It's 5 a.m.: Go see your town or city waking up.

Principle 6:
Make up a recipe--from a banana cocktail to a vegetable casserole to a chocolate cake. Name your creation after yourself, write the recipe on a card, and pass it to your friends.

Principle 5:
Call people by their first names; hearing their own names is music to their ears.

Principle 4:
When arguing with your family and friends, let them win. Choose to be happy rather than right.

Principle 3:
Don't save time. Use it up thoroughly.

Principle 2:
Learn how to cook three simple recipes. Prepare them like a gourmet chef.

Principle 1:
Have friends who don't know each other meet at your place.

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