From Azriela Jaffe's 'Create Your Own Luck' newsletter.

There is a cute joke retold over and over by the Rabbis of our organization but the message is so important to remember.

There was a man who went to his Rabbi for advice on how he could win the state lottery. He was in dire need of money and that windfall was in necessity to him. The Rabbi gave him some advice and told him to start praying once a day.

The man went home and followed the advice. Ten years later he had still not won the lottery. He went back to the Rabbi and this time the Rabbi told him to pray twice a day. The man went home and followed the advice and another ten years went by and he still hadn't won the lottery. Once again, he returned to the Rabbi and in desperation he promised to do anything to win. The Rabbi, a bit puzzled himself, advised him to pray three times a day. The man returned home and began to pray fervently three times a day, awakening the angels in heaven who in response to these heartfelt words of pleading by this human being beseech G-d to help this poor man. G-d looks at his angels and He Himself looked quite sad as he said, "I wish I could fulfill his request as he is definitely deserving; if only he would go out and buy a lottery ticket!"

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