When Beliefnet user Serandipity posed the question, "Where do you see beauty in the world, and what role does it play in your life, particularly your spiritual life?" the Beliefnet community responded with praises of nature, testimonies of human kindness, portraits of innocence in children and wisdom in the aged, the ordinary experiences of everyday life, and the whole of all existence.

For many, the simple presence of an overarching dome of sky fills them with awe. We hope that you will agree with dreamsmaycome who writes that beauty is found in "The peace I feel reading other people's thoughts here."


I live in Southern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment (La Tierra del Encantado) where God, on a daily basis, uses the skies for the most beautiful watercolor landscapes paintings one has ever experienced. Each day He paints with radiant hues of purples, hot pinks, oranges, bright yellows, and blues and then all these are reflected off the Mountains to the East. Each morning God's beauty slowly slips in through my windows, warms my face and slowly wakes me up. --Quina9

I live in a house on a lake. Every morning the sun rises directly across the lake looking out the sliding glass doorwall. I'm awestruck whenever I open the blinds and reminded of God. My 15-year-old son's bedroom faces the sunrise also, and he often calls my attention to it and we stare at it together.--Dlail

The moon at night is the closest thing I have ever seen to eternity.--peggyodom

I find beauty in nature...the mother of pearl shine on a dragonfly wing, the feel of an ocean breeze, the feel of a wave gentle washing over my feet, the feel of sand sliding through my fingers, the smell of the ocean, sandpipers running along the beach leaving their so identifiable foot prints in the sand, the children so intently building sand castles (innocently not realizing the day will not last forever), their laughter catching the breeze and carrying us to the memory of a day of our own just like this one.--B.L.O.T.S


I remember once watching some little children playing by a river. And it wasn't exactly a BEAUTIFUL river, in the most conventional way. Rather polluted. But they were so filled with AWE and WONDER. One of them came over to me, eyes alight, because he had found treasure! the sweet little boy gave this treasure to me, telling me a little of its marvelous history. What was this unique prize? An old, flattened bottle top. Just made me think, it IS all in how you look at it.

I see beauty in my three children. I have never seen anything more beautiful in life than innocent children. My children have such wonderful imaginations, are so excited by life and by learning new things. To have a hug and a kiss, to hear, I love you Dad. To sit quietly with them and watch a movie, to watch them sleep, read them a book, play a game or roll around on the floor with them. I love their laughter and their smiles. I love to watch them explore their world. --searchingnow

A child is beautiful because he doesn't know what ugly is; doesn't know what different is; is always so quick to forgive and love unconditionally. Children live each day in the moment and don't constantly look ahead. A child can be perfectly happy sitting in a tree or examining a butterfly on a flower in her backyard. A child asks for nothing but his parents' love, and always believes his parents are perfect, even if we aren't. A child is born with so much wisdom. Knowing beauty is remaining childlike inside, never letting life blind us to the beauty that is everywhere. --theonlylis

In the Elderly

Beauty can't really be described. Something beautiful has all the essences of life. That of an elderly woman who hasn't fought age, who hasn't gotten a facelift, who doesn't hide herself, who accepts that she has gotten old, is beauty. Early in the morning, when the sun is nearly rising and night and day are still touching, I feel a certain feeling, and I believe that is beauty. Two people who are truly in love is beautiful. Even sadness can be beauty because it is making someone stronger in the long run. Finding beauty in the world is what people should live for. ;)-- dimondntharuff

Each day I see something different... Today the beauty I see would be my 76-year old father. What a wonderful man! He is truly the meaning of what a father is. He loves Jesus, his wife. He loves his children unconditionally. He prays with and for his family everyday. He would help anyone in need. Sometimes I feel he is taken advantage of by some, but he doesn't seem to mind - as long is he is helping someone. He always forgives, never holding a grudge. He never asks for anything in return. Dad has not been well lately, but even as ill as he has become, he still will not miss going to church... My father, is the beauty I see in the world today. --GraceM54

I see beauty in an old couple still holding hands after all the years they've been together. It helps restore my resolve to keep my marriage "working". I see beauty in my old dog's eyes when he gazes at me with unconditional love and trust. It helps me to help him grow old with dignity, and reflect on my own impending old age which I hope to handle with that same acceptance and dignity. --VivMitch

Goodness of Humanity

I find beauty not in merely love, but in the depth it can reach, and the test of time it can endure.
I find beauty in human's willingness to extend beyond and give of themselves to another, with no thought of reward.
I find beauty in the inspiration to do more than just 'settle.'
I find beauty in loving someone so much, that letting go, means having faith that you will keep them forever, in your heart.
I find beauty in a million ways to relay the meaning of three little words, I love you!-- AlissaJeanne

I see beauty in the eyes of my friends and family especially when I see them reaching out to others. In particular a friend recently was witness to a scene in a restaurant late night, in which a homeless elderly man was seeking warmth, shelter, peace, and a warm cup of coffee. He had 2 hands full of change but was not seen as a patron but as being out of place there. He was rudely evicted from the restaurant by the waitress and cook. With a tear rolling down his weathered and aged cheek the man headed for the door, my friend arose from the booth he had been watching from, walked to the door ahead of the homeless man and held the door for him. When outside he handed the man all the rest of the money he had, which was not a lot for he to had very little, wiped his tears and said sorry for him having to leave. "Please take this money and find a place that will keep you warm, if only for an hour, get some food and coffee and relax."
This is the best kind of beauty to me, human to human, man to man, heart to heart.--Jazminstar

Ordinary Life

The way the light hits my daughter's cheek in the early morning. My son's cat curled up next to him, with both their heads buried under their arms. The patterns of wrinkles etching themselves around my husband's dark eyes are beautiful. I've watched them form for fifteen years. The peace I feel reading other people's thoughts here. The way I feel when my sadness goes away. A new book I'm dying to read. The way my hair dye covers the gray hair I'm not ready to face. Almond biscotti and n/f latte. The faces of my girlfriends waiting for me in a cafe in Berkeley for "girls night out!" All of these are beautiful. -- dreamsmaycome

A card with a handwritten note. --Adah

.the cashier at the grocery store, my co-worker, my new career, my health, getting to work safely, my cat that wakes me up with his purring. Yes these may be small, but I've learned to never take things for granted because all these things can be taken away from us in a heartbeat. --katie66bug

All Existence

The beauty of the World is the WORLD itself. And no matter what happen it keeps rolling. --MickeyWC

Beauty is something I find everywhere I look. If I can stop to think about how I breathe, and how life exists, I think beauty flows through me and the whole world but I am oblivious to most of it. I find that having only 15 years background on this planet I haven't had the chance to absorb it in its entirety many times. Simply acknowledging that everything exists, however, allows you to except it all when you choose to. --fancyketchup

The most beautiful possession is life itself. I have been blessed with that beauty and thank God for His gift each morning and evening. I see, hear, feel, touch and experience it in all things. Anticipation grows as I move towards May 2, 2002. On that day I will celebrate the end of my 5th year of cancer survivorship. I have been blessed by God and kissed by the angels. Melanoma is one form of cancer that has few survivors. I have learned to take nothing for granted and to seek and find beauty in all things. --hpydncr

Beauty is in the simple things in life. For example: Last night I wasn't feeling good and was lying on the couch when my husband put the girls to bed. My little one snuck out of bed, kissed me and whispered in my ear. "I'm going to bed, Good night mommy, I love you". --JSerrano

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