In September of last year, Beliefnet member prayermt offered a beautiful prayer for abundance "in all things." The prayer read, in part:

"This is a prayer that all people on the planet prosper for the highest good of all. That hunger, disease, and poverty of spirit and possessions be alleviated. And that the need to judge and punish our fellow human beings come to an end."

Prayermt's heartfelt message struck a chord with many Beliefnet members. For the past few months, additional prayers have been quietly added. They form an ever-strengthening chain in the circle of generosity and prosperity, not only in material goods, but in matters of the heart and soul.

Here are some of the prayers offered for abundance in all things.

May our hearts be full.
May our arms be full.
May our stomachs be full.
May our homes be full.
May our spirits be liberated.
May our minds be open.
May love, laughter, health, pleasure, and peace be here now.
-- prayermt

May we truly be thankful for what we have and may the Lord help us with what we need. Amen.

May God guide us and lead us in the right direction today and always.

Amado dios enseñanos el camino para alcanzar todo lo que necesitamos para tener bienestar y la paz que todos anhelamos, gracias padre. Amén.

Thank you for so much abundance! May we all be abundantly blessed with love, mercy, understanding, simplicity, happiness, a loving work, vibrant health of soul, spirit and mind: but may all this be given for the highest good of mankind! Universal love be with us now, tomorrow and forever!

Most Merciful God, forgive us of our sins. We are only human. Lord, never turn your back on us, because if you leave us we will not survive. Lord, help us to always keep you in front and to remember that with You our Gracious Lord all things are possible.

May our purses be full and our financial worries and debts be wiped out. Teach us to help ourselves with your aid always. Thank you for being with us.

Angels--thank you for showing yourselves to me this morning. It took a while for me to realise it but it has helped me through the day. Please hear our prayers and wishes and help us free ourselves from this financial burden

Giving thanks for this prayer for all.

Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have given us. I know without you in my life I would not be able to make it through the trials and tribulations that I face.

Heavenly Father, thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family and for your love and support during our times of sorrow and tribulations. Please extend this same love and support to all others who are in need and their loads too heavy to carry.

Purification and peace to all in need at this time.

In Jesus' holy name I invoke the angels of each person within the Beliefnet family to speed the message of our release from want, fear, pain, doubt, and defeat, so everyone among us may glorify Spirit with abundance!!

May the Lord hear our prayer, for the lonely, for the depressed and for the elderly. May God grant them love and peace to their hearts, amen.

Thank you God, for this prayer and all the hope it brings.

Dear Father hear this prayer and please look out for mamma and the rest of the souls up there in heaven and here on earth.

dios aconpana a los que no teconosen y dejalos que se acerque a ti.

May the people of the world find comfort and healing in this prayer. May ArchAngel Raphael enfold everyone in his wings of light and love and heal our inner spirit.

In Jesus' name, Father, though we know we are sinners, hear our prayers and guide us each and every day and teach us your love to strengthen us and fill us with your peace so that we may teach others and to live abundantly in the glory of your Kingdom.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for answering my prayer. I have been promoted in my office. I pray also that you will show your mercy on me concerning my school, job, health and my family and friend that your blessing will keep on shining in our lives.

In the Name of Jehovah Jireh, my provider:
May we feel good about allowing value
of all kinds to circulate much more freely and in so doing, enrich us and
the web of life.

May we gladly find the willingness to
suspend our past limiting thinking habits about how things are so we have
a chance to see what fulfillment
can emerge.
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