With this entry, Azriela Jaffe, author of the book "Create Your Own Luck," begins an eight-step series especially for Beliefnet users. We've asked her to explore the principles she's found for attracting good fortune in life, love, and work.


Welcome! I know that as a Beliefnet user, you might be wondering where God, or faith of any kind, fits into a course on creating luck. Are we suggesting that people are completely in control of their destinies and faith is given the backseat? To the contrary, this course presupposes a spiritual viewpoint. Think of it this way: If God helps those who help themselves, what's the part we must do? How must we act and think in order to invite blessings into our life, and so that we do not block the divine guidance available to us? I hope you will join us and dialogue with us on this topic.

As we proceed, it's helpful for you to understand three terms that I use frequently in my discussion of this topic. They are:

Want More Luck?
These are behaviors that maximize your potential for bringing good fortune into your life.

When you act on a small opportunity at just the right time, in just the manner that turns it into the opportunity of a lifetime, or you pay attention to an uncanny coincidence and make a mental shift that allows you to see a situation more openly or positively, you are a luck-builder. When you see or hear God's guidance and you act upon it, you are inviting God into your life.

These are behaviors that destroy the luck you almost had, or did have, but gave up or lost.In other words, you've got the luck within your grasp, but you let it slip away. You lose your temper and alienate the one person who could have given you exactly what you need. You almost land the job of your dreams, but you get scared that you aren't up to the task, and you bow out to stay in the job you hate. You chalk an unbelievable coincidence up to just chance and do nothing to act on it. You sabotage your success or surround yourself with people who suck the optimism right out of you.

Luck-busters may have God and God's angels working overtime to help them, but no matter how much divine guidance they receive, they push it away or destroy the gifts provided them.

These are behaviors that keep luck from even entering your vicinity.

You aren't attracting or losing luck--you are repelling it. If you repeat these behaviors often enough, you'll start telling yourself and others that you are an unlucky person. You feel hopeless at times about ever getting lucky again. These behaviors are the equivalent of holding a big umbrella over your head on a sunny day and then complaining because you can't feel the sunshine. While you will often blame yourself for your luck-busting behaviors, luck-blocking behaviors often look like they aren't your fault. That may be true--but sometimes it's you, not "life circumstances," who's keeping the luck away.

When you enter this pattern, you may find that although you believe in a God, you figure he's too busy--or too distant or too angry--to be bothering with little old you. You talk yourself out of a relationship with a divine being, and thus keep blessings from entering your life.

God willing, you will have tens of thousands, if not millions, of moments when you can choose between luck-building, luck busting, or luck-blocking behaviors. My hope for you is that through careful study of this topic, you will develop luck-building habits and a stronger faith and relationship with the divine guidance available to you every day.

Ready, then? Let's get started!