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Unexpected Advice
A woman making an impossible choice gets angelic assistance

Coming Soon to a Life Near You
a miracle!

The Great Haylift
During a drought, can one woman make a difference?

A Stranger's Prayers
One woman gets the answers to her prayers--a new sense of purpose
By Susan Morin

Falling Into Grace
Who needed a miracle most? The boy who fell or the women who watched?
By David Waters

There Are No Accidents
Sometimes it's good to be in the wrong place at the right time.
By Robert H. Hopcke

The Mottled Dog of Hamlin
"A burglar was on the loose and Daddy was away. Then unexpectedly, she showed up..."

One Thin Dime
Our parents were sorry, but it looked like we had to leave college and come home
By Patricia S. Laye

Mom's Last Laugh
Sometimes, in life's most difficult moments, happiness catches us by surprise.
by Robin Lee Shope

When Everything Goes Wrong
Things were tough enough. Did the furnace need to break?
By Karen Kirk Thompson

A Doctor She Could Trust
'Couldn't we do a more conservative surgery?' What I really needed was a doctor I could trust.
Reprinted with permission from Guideposts Magazine.

A Perfect Mistake
Grandpa felt God played a trick on him, and Grandpa wasn't laughing
Cheryl Walterman Stewart

A Higher Call?
A story that might change the way you feel about telemarketers.

Coming Soon to a Life Near Yours: a Miracle
Nearly half of all Americans have personally experienced a miracle.