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Life Passages

Family Houses, Empty and Full
Where are you in the cycle of life?

How Did You Meet Your Beloved?
By hearing voices? Or maybe something a little more ordinary?

There Are No Accidents
Sometimes it's good to be in the wrong place at the right time.
By Robert H. Hopcke

With Every Note, I Felt God's Presence
Leontyne Price talks about how singing can be an "out of body" experience--and tells us how she got through one memorable night.
by Leontyne Price

The Streetcar Conductor
A gang of toughs surrounded his car. Time for...a joke?
Reprinted with permission from "How to Become a Sweet Old Lady Instead of a Grumpy Old Grouch"
by Marilynn Carlson Webber. Published by Zondervan.

It Starts With Me
"I keep meeting suffering kids and I can't do anything to help them."
by Craig Kielburger

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