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Around the World

African Standard Time
Measuring days by the slanting of the sun, and closeness to God.

In the heat of Mideast violence, a moment of true compassion

A Miraculous Fit
This child was meant to be theirs

In the Midst of War...The Dance Goes On
An amazing woman holds life together in war-torn Somalia.

Trying not to panic, Carol and I helped unload the babies into filthy Quonset huts in the stifling heat. Would we never get out?
by LeAnn Thieman

An Act of Love That Shook Two Nations
A Palestinian father gives his life to save a Jewish child.
By David Waters

Empty Pockets
A story of unexpected grace--one woman's unique celebration during the High Holidays.
by Johanna Skilling

It Starts With Me
"I keep meeting suffering kids and I can't do anything to help them."
by Craig Kielburger