One day when I was a boy growing up in east Texas, Mamma told my brother, sister and me that she wanted to make some extra money by bringing in clothes for ironing. "First I need a good ironing board,: she explained.

"But how?" I asked, know we were too poor to buy one.

"Pray, son," she answered. God performed miracles of gigantic proportions. that, I knew. But would an ironing board just fall from heaven? Nonetheless I knelt by my bedside. "Please, God, help Mamma get an ironing board. Amen."

The next day there was a knock on the door. On the porch stood a man and a woman-total strangers-holding an ironing board. "We're moving," the woman said to Mama, "and something told us you could use this."

Mama gladly thanked the couple and we set up the ironing board. God didn't exactly drop it out of the sky, he had it special delivered.

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