One day a postcard of the Lincoln Memorial arrived at our nursing home addressed to no one in particular. "Just bringing a little of the USA to anybody interested," the card read. "I'm a trucker and I see a lot of the country. Wanted to share some of it with you folks." The card was signed "Heavy Duty," his CB handle, he explained.

A postcard arrived every couple weeks. Each one took us somewhere new: Wyoming, New York, Missouri-wherever Heavy Duty was passing through. Reading his notes we kind of got to do some trucking ourselves.

Ten years and 200 postcards later, we are still on the road with Heavy Duty and keep his postcards on a wall in our chapel. We have never met or seen him. Should he happen by, he'll see our huge sign out front: "Truckers come and truckers go. Stop in, Heavy Duty. Say hello!"

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