Are you feeling like life has become too mundane lately? Does it ever feel like you wake up to do the same thing every day and you are just simply existing? This can be extremely tiring, boring and even depressing. It can make you feel drained and like you aren’t moving forward. Here are some ways to make your life exciting again even if you can’t change what you do for a living, where you have your feet planted at the moment or your situations much.

Change the music you listen to.

It’s a simple switch, but changing the music you listen to actually be a bg help. Music is often attached to moods and feelings, so changing it to more match where you want to go makes sense. Additionally, while some music and sings can be comforting to us, they can also keep us stuck in a routine. Try to listen to music and artists you may not have considered before.

Start a new hobby.

When things get too boring in life, and we need excitement, starting a new project is the way to go. Is there a hobby you've always wanted to do that you never got a chance to get to? What was holding you back? Not sure where to start? Try joining groups on Facebook that have to do with the hobby you’re trying to get into. For instance, you might join a group for hiking and find other locals that can be your guide.

Start checking things off your list.

It's easy to feel stuck in a rut when you have so much on your plate and very little time to do it. Make a list of all the things that you need to accomplish in order to feel like you have more time. Then, start slowly working off the list and making more time for enjoyable hobbies and things you would much rather be doing.

Make plans for something exciting.

One way to keep moving forward is to make plans. Even if your plans just include a weekend excursion, these plans can make your life more exciting and give you something to look forward to so you feel like you're constantly moving forward. Just making the plans can be exciting, even if it’s something you don’t do for a while. When you get back from your trip, make more plans!

Shake up your wardrobe.

If you have had the same stuff in your closet for months or years, and you wear pretty much the same thing all the time, try shaking up your wardrobe! You might find that wearing a color or pattern you hadn't before gives you a new found confidence and make sure life slightly more exciting that day.

Make a new friend.

Making a new friend can also mean excitement. Your new friend probably has new ideas and spend their time doing things that maybe you don't. Friendships don't have to take up a lot of time either, as most adults are OK building a friendship slowly. Just having a new friend to go have lunch with can lead to exciting conversations!

Get someone to help hold you accountable.

When trying to create new habits and get out of a rut, it can be helpful to have someone hold you accountable. It's especially helpful if this person is also stuck in the rut with you.

Rearrange your living space

You don't even have to buy new furniture to give your place a makeover. Try rearranging your furniture one weekend! Just having things arranged in a different pattern can lead to purging of things you don't need, reducing clutter, and making your home feel refreshed and new.

Make some new goals in your work life.

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut at work, try making some new goals. Even if these goals are just personal, you can challenge yourself to crush them. This can make a boring work day something that you look forward to because you'll keep motivated even if your job is mundane. Make sure to reward yourself!

Figure out what rut you are stuck in.

Sometimes when we feel stuck, we aren't exactly sure what is making us feel that way. Take a look at places in your life that you might be stuck in a rut. is it your relationship? How about work, home life, or even your exercise routine? You may find that you're not stuck everywhere and this helps you pinpoint where you need to get unstuck from.

Practice some self-care.

Practicing self-care is extremely important when it comes to feeling like life is overwhelming and boring. Self-care isn’t all about lighting candles and taking a bath, either. Self-care can simply mean learning to say no rather than adding more to your plate. It's not selfish to make time for yourself.

Try meditation daily.

While meditation might not seem exciting; it can help you get excited for life! The reason being, when you meditate, you're able to sort through feelings it allowed them to just be. This keeps them from becoming negative thoughts that eat away at a positive direction moving ahead. It can also help you with figuring out goals and dreams.

Make a 1-year and 5-year plan.

These plans aren't just for high school kids about ready to graduate. Making a one-year plan and five-year plan can help you set some realistic personal goals in your life. Maybe you want to move to a different part of the country. Perhaps going back to school is important to you. Whatever it is, a one-year and five-year Plan can help you get close to achieving it and make you feel like you are going somewhere.

Break up with your phone for one day a week.

One of the biggest ways we lose time is by spending it on our phones and on social media. By breaking up with your phone one day a week, you will have more time to get yourself out of a rut and find new hobbies to enjoy.

Take a personal inventory of priorities

What is taking up all of your time? Is everything on your list a priority of yours? If not, maybe it's time to ditch some of it! Take a personal inventory of everything that you do in your day-to-day life. Are these things still serving you in a positive or productive manner? Only keep the ones that will help you continue to look towards a brighter future (or save your sanity until you get there!)

These tips will help you find a way to make your life more exciting and get yourself out of a boring rut that all of us find ourselves in at one point or another.

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