Jesus and this woman had His longest recorded one-on-one conversation. She was a hated member of an ethnic group that had intermarried with despised conquerors. The lesson He taught her about living water is as profound as any He taught anyone, including


When Jesus was arrested, all but one of His male disciples fled for their lives, but the women faithfully followed Him all the way to the cross. This one stood watch as His body was put in the tomb, then Sunday morning led the other women to prepare His r


Although in His day, men were not supposed to even talk with women, Jesus counted this one among His closest followers and most faithful friends. The Gospel of John tells us that He loved her “and her sister and brother Lazarus." Once when Jesus was visit


During His first visit to the Temple, this elderly woman was waiting for Him and became overjoyed – because she had asked God to let her live long enough to see Him. Who is she?


This woman once responded "I am the Lord's servant …. May it be to me as you have said." She was also inspired to declare a poem of praise, still recited today. After Jesus was born, she watched the arrival of the shepherds and Wise Men – and the Bible sa


Once a woman who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years reached out to Jesus and was healed. She was afraid He would be angry since men normally avoided women in public, especially “unclean” ones suffering from ailments such as hers. However, He said, "Daught


Luke names several women, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna, as women that Jesus had healed. Susanna is only mentioned once. Mary Magdalene and Joanna, the wife of the manager of Herod's household, carried the message of the empty tomb back to


Luke names two women who had been healed who then helped support the spread of the Gospel "out of their own means." Who were they?


Matthew tells us that Mary Magdalene, Mary His mother and at least two other women never deserted Him at the crucifixion and were near enough to the cross to hear His last words and to witness His death. Who else stood with these women?


Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law and took compassion on a widow in the town of Nain. Why was the widow mourning?


She was a disciple of Jesus who lived in Joppa, according to Acts 9:36-42. When she died, she was mourned by "all the widows ... crying and showing the robes and other clothing” that she had given them. The disciples called on Peter to come to her wake. I


This woman has been the object of much debate. The Apostle Paul in Romans 16:7 calls her and Andronicus “my kinsmen and my fellow prisoners, who are of note among the apostles,” making her the only woman apostle mentioned in the New Testament -- a matter


This woman was the wife of a respected priest and was noted to be "upright in the sight of God" and fully obedient to Him. When she first came into the presence of Jesus, the Bible tells us her "baby leaped in her womb,” and she was “filled with the Holy

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