Shortly after the world was made, envy and jealousy reared their ugly heads. Rivalry between history’s first siblings ended up very deadly. Who killed who?


In Judges 3, the Israelites cried out to the Almighty for relief after 18 years of servitude to evil King Eglon of Mohab. The first south-paw described in the Bible made a two-edged dagger and hid it under his robe on his right side. Eglon's bodyguard app


Lady MacBeth had nothing on this Queen Mother. When the mother of Israel’s King Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she plotted to kill off the whole royal family so she could assume the throne. However, 2 Kings 11 tells us that Jehosheba, sister of the de


God had ordained that the shepherd boy David was to become king, but he had to hide out for years while King Saul tried to track him down and kill him. After Saul died, David was crowned, but a great rivalry rose between those loyal to the late ruler and


One of the greatest runners described in the Bible, Asahel son of Zeruiah, was intensely loyal to David and took it upon himself to stalk one of that day’s top commanders. On foot, Asahel pursued General Abner. The general saw him coming and repeatedly ca


In Judges 5:24-27, a housewife named Jael saw evil General Sisera fleeing from battle. She offered to let him come into her tent and take a nap. Incredibly, he took her up on her offer. Once he dozed off, she …


In II Kings 8:15, a man named Hazael was told by the prophet Elisha that he was going to be king. Hazael thought he could help things along, according to the Bible. What did he do?


Once upon a time, one of the greatest leaders of God’s people flew into a rage when he saw a work-crew foreman driving his slaves too hard – and killed him, then quietly buried the body in the sand and had to flee to the Sinai wilderness to avoid arrest a


John the Baptist was not exactly diplomatic. When King Herod flaunted God’s law and public morality by dumping his wife and committing adultery with his sister-in-law, John the Baptist publicly denounced the king’s terrible example. Herod responded by thr


When Jesus was brought before him, this leader realized that the mobs and Pharisees were demanding the murder of an innocent man. After his wife told him of a dream warning him not to get involved, he called for a bowl of water and publicly “washed his ha

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