One day, this boy’s dad told him they were going to go mountain climbing – and would make a sacrifice to the Lord when they reached the top. But the kid was puzzled – why didn’t Dad bring along a sheep for the burnt offering? At the summit of the mountain


This boy’s mother came to the Temple constantly, pleading with the Lord to give her a son. When a miracle occurred and the boy was born, she dedicated him to the Lord and he became the last judge of Israel. He anointed not only King Saul, but also King Da


We’ll never know the names of the young victims of these two evil kings. One was worried that he would be replaced by a baby sent by God. The other feared that his slaves were becoming too numerous for his army to control. The solution? Murder thousands o


One day, children crowded around Jesus, annoying the disciples, who tried to shoo them away. Jesus welcomed the kids and told His disciples:


One day a bunch of rotten brats showed no respect to one of God’s greatest prophets. Elisha became greatly annoyed as they called him names and ridiculed the way he looked. He decided to make an example of these disrespectful hoodlums how?


These two twins were competitive even before they were born – apparently fighting with each other in their mother’s womb. Who were they?


Just as this child was born, his mother learned that his father had been killed in a terrible battle in which the sacred Ark of the Covenant was taken captive. In despair, she named the child “The glory of the Lord has departed” By what name do we know th


As an infant, this famous prince was dropped by his nurse. As a result, he was crippled for life. Who was he?


When this child’s mother was ordered by law to throw her newborn into the river, she obeyed – more or less. She carefully put little Moses into a reed basket that she had lined with waterproofing. Gently, she put the future Deliverer of Israel into the ba


This great prophet of the Lord raised a child from dead, after which the boy sneezed seven times. Who was the prophet?


This young man was probably 17 years old when his jealous brothers sold him into slavery – irritated that he’d had dreams in which they all bowed down to him. Little did they know that he would become a great ruler – and they would willingly bow down to h


What was young David, the famous boy who had slain the Philistine bully, Goliath, doing when the prophet Samuel called to anoint him as the nation’s new king?


What young man, called to be a great leader, was instead was one of the Bible's major disappointments – using his enormous strength and sense of humor to impress wild women by doing such oddball things as catching 300 foxes, tying them together in pairs w

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