Dear Beliefnet Reader,

Click through Beliefnet and you'll notice some big changes. The new design flowed in large part from feedback we’ve gotten from you over the years:

"It's too cluttered."

 "I can't find what I need."

 "It's too controversial!"

 "It's not controversial enough!"

So, our new design aspires to have:

  • A cleaner, simpler, more visually appealing look
  • More logical groupings of content
  • Rotating main features that showcase a broader variety of offerings
  • A faster search engine

    In addition, with this design we’re debuting three entirely new channels:

  • Audio/Video – This vibrant new area will be the home for "Preachers & Teachers" which features short inspirational video talks from the nation's best clergy and teachers on topics of direct importance to you – forgiveness, relationships and more. This channel will also showcase our many other audio/video features such as the popular Jovialites (puppet jokesters).

  • Comfort & Support -- People have long turned to Beliefnet and, more important, to other Beliefnet readers to gain support and advice during difficult times. We've now grouped these discussions, prayer circles, resources, and tools together in an easier-to-find format.

  • News & Blogs -- We've recently added two of the most interesting voices in the world of faith-and-current-affairs: Jim Wallis, a religious progressive, and Rod Dreher, a self-described "Crunchy Conservative." Given the popularity of these and our other blogs – Chattering Mind, Virtual Talmud, Idol Chatter, J-Walking & Blog Heaven – we've created a new channel to help you find your faves faster.

    This is just the first phase of the improvement process. We're going to be rolling out many other new features and tools in the coming months to better help you meet your spiritual needs.

    Please tell us what you think – and how we can improve our site further -- by clicking here.

    Steve Waldman, Editor-in-Chief & CEO

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