Hope Rises - 9/11

Hope Rises - 9/11

Review: A Tale of 9/12
The triumph of love amid life's brokenness. By the Rev. Lyndon Harris, who was active in Ground Zero relief efforts.
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Review: Uplifting & Terrifying
An honest and unromantic approach that succeeds, mostly. By Beliefnet's Tim Hayne.
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Does 9/11 continue to have an impact on your spiritual life?
Never had an impact
Finding Hope Years Later
In the years since the tragedy of 9/11, how have you found hope and inspiration?
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'World Trade Center'
Can a movie help us heal--or is it too soon?
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Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" tells the story of two police officers trapped at Ground Zero. In conjunction with Paramount Pictures, Beliefnet asked spiritual leaders and people around New York to reflect on Sept. 11.

Spiritual leaders on seeing the face of God at Ground Zero
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On Screen & on the Street
Sept. 11 memories of unity and sacrifice
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Exclusive Sneak Peek
Watch a clip from "World Trade Center"
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James Martin
author, "My Life With the Saints"
"I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit..."
Uma Mysorekar
N.Y. Ganesh Temple
"Your religion must give you that enormous strength..."
Plus: More exclusive video from Brian McLaren, Barbara Cawthorne Crafton,
and Jerry Jenkins

Prayers for 9/11
Selected prayers and readings to help you commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The New American Hero
Sometimes, the greatest light emerges from the deepest darkness.

Reflections on Impermanence
Try this meditation if you are feeling overwhelmed by change, suffering, or loss.

Words of Comfort, Words of Hope
A collection of scripture verses, hymn lyrics, poems, and quotations submitted by Beliefnet members.
Counsel for a Wounded Spirit
In uncertain times, we must remember our limitations, take comfort in each other, and turn crisis into a lesson for the future.

'Please Pray'
Beliefnet members' minute-by-minute account of the tragedy unfolding--and the prayers they offered.

The Gift of 9/11
The incongruous blessings of a horrible event.

Coping With Fear
Spiritual wisdom and simple exercises to help you ward off anxiety and terror.