The Deluge - Discussions of Hurricane Katrina

The Deluge - Discussions of Hurricane Katrina

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Action Alerts: Houses of Worship Respond
What, if anything, is your local church, synagogue, mosque, circle, or local spiritual community doing to help victims of Hurricane Katrina? Do you think they are doing enough? Or are you disappointed in their response? Add your report!

Christianity Debate: Compassion Fatigue
I'm ashamed to say, I've had to stop watching the TV coverage, or reading the papers; the feeling is just too overwhelming. I've had to tune it out for my own comfort, and that's just plain selfish. -convert1

Christianity Debate: An idea to help
I am on the broke side (in between paychecks and it's the beginning of the month), but I do have a HUGE stash of leftover yarn (yep - I'm a knitter). So I dug out a teddy bear pattern I found and I'm knitting up teddies. I'm going to set up a display whereby people can give a $5 donation toward the "bear necessities" and get a knitted teddy bear for themselves. -Boadicea

Catholicism Debate: The Poor
I'm impressed that so many churches and individuals are stepping forward to help these folks. But the news stories suggest larger questions to me, too. Why are so many people so very, very poor? It seems like the popular "prosperity gospel" in our society today is gradually crushing out compassion for the poor and the Christian mandate to take care of those less able to take care of themselves. After all... one of those folks could be Jesus in disguise. -MemphisBelle

Pets: Please pray for the pets
Please pray for all the animals in new orleans left behind by accident and by force. the people evacuating on the buses are not allowed to take their pets with them. -dandy_warhol

Emergency Preparedness: 20/20 hindsight: hurricane preparedness
Suppose you lived in New Orleans. If you could go back in time and prepare for the hurricane and for evacuation - knowing what would happen - how would you prepare? -resonance

Defining an American Islam: Housing Refugees
Right now we have over two hundred people staying at the Islamic center of Baton Rouge. We are feeding them and housing them we have power so their is air conditioning running around the clock, a great deal of baton Rouge has no power, if you would like to help in any way you can contact us at.... -eott

S. O. Debate: America's Compassion
I'm pretty sure that a lot of the people waiting in the convetion center were poor (and maybe homeless) before the storm. But prior to the hurricane, they probably were invisible to the world. Why don't we share our time and money all year round? -espiritus85

U.S. Politics: Loot or go hungry?
When stealing medicine, food, even basic things like toothpast because aid is NOT available, can we (and the president) really condemn people for doing what they have to in order to survive? -KWinters

Christianity Debate: God's Role in Disasters
I'm a non-Christian who is curious about something.
I noticed once again with the tragedies of the most recent hurricane in New Orleans and Mississippi that people tend to thank God for surviving and never seem to blame God for the original tragedy. Why is that? -jackny

U.S. Current Events: Don't Rebuild New Orleans
This is hard for me. I love Nawlins. It was a crazy, bustling city that was alive like no other I've been in. But, we should not rebuild there. To do so is to condemn a future generation to another tragedy just like today. -elixir

Women's Spirituality: Oil Price Gouging
I guess business is business and the first thing to be done was to raise oil prices. I'm trying to understand why anyone would want to heap more misery on an already bad situation. I would not even mind if the premium on oil would go to rebuilding or relocating refugees of Katrina. But I know its just to protect profits. I hate oil. I hate our dependence on it. I hate what people are willing to do for it. I remember the saying gold was the root of all evil, (or was that in a song) but now its oil. -clyds

Islam Debate: Being human in the face of danger
Not long ago there was a debate that many non-islamists said Americans would never act crazy like the Muslims in other countries. Times have changed and the "Louisiana" situation shows that Americans are no better that others across the world. When presented in the face of danger and chaos "we" lose control like others across the globe. -rose_of_the_earth

Catholicism Debate: Prayer or Action?
Let us pray for them there. -Ortega
But how many parishes around the south are taking in the refugees? Actions are more important than prayers. -exsem
I beg you to quit sitting in judgement of those who are helping, get off your behind and help!! Give money, offer prayers do somehing other than point your finger at what you perceive (incorrectly) to be a lack of action from the people in the area. We are sick at heart and out of tears. -marbleartgirl

Being Single: FEMA response
I can not believe what is going on in new orleans and the immediate vicinity. I can not believe that the gov't and FEMA are not using every possible resource to get the people out of new orleans. -dandy_warhol

Racism: Our Racism Revealed
Am I the only one who sees the handling of the disaster in New Orleans as racist? Would white people be treated like this, left to starve and dehydrate? -agnes

Sexual Orientation Debate: GLBT charity for Katrina victims
If it distresses you to contribute money for Katrina relief to organizations that marginalize GLBT folk (like the Red Cross, which rejects blood from *any* gay donor, period), please consider giving to Rainbow World Fund, which promotes GLBT philanthropy. -WereBear_Walker

Eastern Orthodoxy: Whose fault is it?
May the Lord have mercy on those who would judge a whole city. God is the Judge, and His ways are unknown. He sends the sun and the rain upon the good and the evil alike. -choirfiend

Past Lives & Reincarnation: Katrina Karma?
Tell me, insightful people... do you see a link between what Bush is doing in Iraq and the Katrina disaster? -AstroCadet

Mormonism Debate: Hurricane Katrina
Has anyone noticed that the destruction and loss of life seems to be spiraling?What are your churches doing to respond? -kebecer1

Judaism Debate: Did G-d send Katrina as a wakeup call to U.S.?
Is it possible G-d sent hurricane to teach people like Pat Robertson that it is evil to call for the death of political figures? -Etz_Hayim

U.S. Current Events: Looters and martial law
What is wrong with this Governor in not declaring martial law? It appears these gangs are in control. You issue a warning in such cases and after you blow away a couple, it stops. Sounds cold? What's the alternative? -nealatthewheel

U.S. Current Events: Food and Water NOW
WHY are these people on the streets of New Orleans without food or water. Dropping food, water, baby formula, diapers, and juice CAN be done NOW... This is happening in America... we can get them supplies immediately. -sara41

Catholicism Debate: What about college bound students?
What of all the students set to start classes this week at colleges and universities throughout the afflicted areas? Wouldn't it be honorable for any college with open housing to absorb these students and ensure they not only continue their educations uninterrupted, but also that they are not in shelters for the next month with their families worried about heaven knows what? -Mosesupthemountain

Living Dharma: Louisiana Families--loving kindness
Please join me in a loving-kindness meditation for families that are homeless and/or grieving today due to the hurricane in New Orleans. -friendonthepath

Eckankar: Katrina...any lessons?
This thread is being opened to see if we would like to share our thoughts and feelings about coping with such life changing events like the Katrina upheaval in New Orleans. -dayo

Quaker Issues: New Orleans MM
I haven't heard whether they know what has happened to the Quakers in NO....Does anyone who participates here know anything specifically about the Friends(not that I am only concerned about them)? -jamesarnold

Baha'i Dialogue: New Orleans
I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news concerning the Baha'i Center in New Orleans? I have been on the phone trying to contact family in the area and the lines are all down. -Demise