Guide to Evangelical Christianity Book

Guide to Evangelical Christianity Book

The Beliefnet Guide to Evangelical Christianity
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Thirty-five percent of Americans today are evangelicals, yet many people are unsure of what that means. "The Beliefnet Guide to Evangelical Christianity" offers a clear, unbiased description of evangelical beliefs and practices--including how they have changed throughout history--and dispels many current misconceptions about the faith and its followers.

The book, written by evangelical journalist Wendy Murray Zoba, with an introduction by Philip Yancey, one of today's most beloved Christian authors, will appeal to evangelicals as well as general readers who have followed the rise of evangelicalism or want to know more about it. Buy it now!

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What's the difference between evangelicals and fundamentalists?

How Much Do You Know?
Do the majority of Christians identify as evangelicals? What kind of evangelism is Billy Graham known for? Take this quiz to see how much you know about evangelical Christianity.

1. The Christian obligation to spread the Gospel, or to evangelize, is known as what?

a. The Great Commission
b. The Great Awakening
c. The Great Altar Call
d. The Nicene Creed

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Plus: Have a question about evangelicals? Ask our author!

Beliefnet Guide author Wendy Murray Zoba answers reader questions. Read her responses or ask your own here.

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