Pope John Paul II - His Impact and Legacy

Pope John Paul II - His Impact and Legacy

Pope John PaulJohn Paul II
His Impact His Faith Your Thoughts Ask Questions His Successor

Light a Virtual Candle
What the Pope Meant to You
Talk about his legacy on the message boards.

Paul Wilkes
Dispatches from Rome
Charlotte Hays
John Paul the Great?

Photo Gallery
Scenes from his travels.

The Heroic Papacy
From his ecumenical work to his travels to his saintmaking, John Paul II revitalized the Office of Peter. By George Weigel

What Was God Shouting?
Hearing God's voice in the life and death of Karol Wojtyla. By David Kuo

"Be not afraid," said the Holy Father. We stopped being afraid--and brought down Communism.
By Lech Walesa

He centralized and transformed the Church itself.
By David Gibson

Evangelicals Loved His Social Stands


  • His Polish Background Helped Shape Jewish Relations By John Allen, Jr.
  • A Hero for Jews By Rabbi David Rosen

    He Emphasized Women's Separate Role

  • His style and views drove Catholics away from the Church.
    Q&A with John Cornwall
  • John Paul II was a brave, holy man. But his authoritarian style--especially on sexual doctrines--polarized the Church. By Fr. Andrew Greeley
  • Papal biographer Tad Szulc says he inspired millions but alienated many.

  • Timeline of John Paul's Pontificate
  • Milestones: Countries visited, saints made, cardinals named & more
  • The Pope's Travels: Where he went and when

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