SHE By Rebecca St. James and Lynda Hunter Bjorklund

Today's media bombards women with these and other messages about what a woman should be. Frankly, none of us measure up all the time.

But who does God say a woman should be? He says . . .

SHE is Safe
SHE is Healthy
SHE is Empowered

SHE is the woman who has chosen to be transformed by God to become protected, intimate, feminine, beautiful, pure, free, mentored, boundaried, and purposeful. In short . . .

SHE is the woman God made you to be!

Get up close and personal with Rebecca St. James and Lynda Hunter Bjorklund as they expose the lies that drive women to distraction. By sharing their own trials, heartbreaks, and successes, as well as stories from other women, they'll help you turn life's stumbling blocks into stepping stones en route to a stronger, more vibrant relationship with Christ and a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you!
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  • Karen Kingsbury Author Karen Kingsbury

    Mixed Blessings

    Karen Kingsbury talks about letting go of characters you've come to love.

    Happy endings are often bittersweet. That's certainly been the case for author Karen Kingsbury recently as she finished writing Reunion, the fifth and final book in the Redemption series (co-authored with Gary Smalley).

    Thousands of readers have grown to love and cherish the Baxter family, around whom this popular series revolves. Whether they resemble the family we grew up in, or perhaps the family we always wished we had, the Baxters have become as real to some of us as our next-door neighbors.

    What makes Reunion special? "It's the next piece of the Baxters' story, showing family strength even in the face of tremendous loss," says Karen. "It brings together the entire Baxter family for a difficult but hope-filled time in their lives. In addition, a secret is revealed-one that will open the door to a new series, the Firstborn series."

    Why has the Redemption series struck such a chord in readers' hearts? Part of it is simple demographics. Since the series follows the lives of John and Elizabeth Baxter and their five grown children, Reunion allows readers to see the next stage in their lives. Many of Karen's fans are adult children themselves, the so-called "sandwich generation" who find themselves raising children while also caring for aging parents. "Reunion, in particular, deals with difficult issues that nearly all adult children must face at some point," says Karen.

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  • Cowboy Christmas Anthology

    Cowboy Christmas Anthology By Catherine Palmer, Linda Goodnight & Lisa Harris
    Discover a cowboy's heart in these stories of love at Christmastime.

    A Rancher's Heart (Catherine Palmer) Victoria Jennings is in desperate need of love. But when she returns to her parents' ranch, she discovers that it's now being run by Jesse Conroy-the man whose heart Victoria broke when she snubbed him years ago. Now Victoria finds herself falling for Jesse, but can Jesse take a chance on trusting her with his heart again?

    Undercover Cowboy (Lisa Harris) Pinkerton detective Cole Ramsey has been hired to investigate a rancher suspected of sabotaging his neighbors' property. But Cole's investigation may be compromised when he falls for Abigail Covington, the rancher's daughter.

    The Outlaw's Gift (Linda Goodnight) When drifter Seth Blackstone shows up at Raven Patterson's homestead, Raven thinks this may be the solution to all her problems. But Seth's mysterious past is about to catch up with him and could mean disaster for them both.

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  • Let Me Hold You Longer
    Let Me Hold You Longer By Karen Kingsbury
    Best-selling author Karen Kingsbury has created a touching reminder that the years of childhood fly too quickly by us
    As children grow, the blankets and pacifiers, ball games and dandelion bouquets fade into distant, tender memories. Most of us remember and faithfully capture our children's "firsts." Karen encourages readers to try to recognize and savor the bittersweet "lasts"--those milestones that often go unrecorded.

    The illustrations by Mary Collier provide a lighthearted portrayal of everyday family life and bring a sense of authenticity and fun that you and your children can enjoy together. Let Me Hold You Longer is a heartwarming reminder of the precious process of growing up and the joys of watching it happen.

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