A Celtic Pilgrimage to Sacred Ireland--Your Guides

A Celtic Pilgrimage to Sacred Ireland--Your Guides

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Carl McColmanCarl McColman

Carl is a spiritual consultant, interfaith minister, and the author of several books, including "The Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom" and "The Aspiring Mystic." A member of the Ar nDraíocht Féin Druid Fellowship, he is also a spiritual guide in the Celtic anam cara ("soul friend") tradition. His books celebrate the sweep of Celtic spiritual history, from the earliest "shamans" and druids to the vibrant community of today's neopagans who draw inspiration from the ancient Celts.
  Sister Elizabeth Rees

Elizabeth Rees, OCV is a Roman Catholic nun with a Master's degree from Oxford University and a love of adventure. She is a spiritual director who also leads retreats and dream workshops. She lectures on the Celtic saints and is the author of "Christian Symbols, Ancient Roots," "Celtic Saints: Passionate Wanderers," "Celtic Saints in their Landscape," and "An Essential Guide to Celtic Sites and Their Saints." Elizabeth runs a House of Prayer in rural Somerset, England, and has led Celtic pilgrimages for the last ten years.

Additional Guides

Guest guides include experts in Celtic Christianity and Ireland's deep Catholic roots. They will join us not only for site exploration, but also for meals and one-on-one conversation:

  • Kildare: Sister Mary Minehan, a Brigidine nun and expert on Ireland's beloved Saint Brigid
  • Sligo: Sister Susan Ryan and the monks of Holy Hill Hermitage, a Carmelite monastery
  • Aran Islands: Mr. Dara Molloy, Christian minister and pilgrimage leader


    Of the Beliefnet trip, Carl says: Celtic spirituality is the spirituality of land, sea, and sky; of rocks and trees and animals; of holy wells and standing stones and windswept tors. As we "walk with wisdom" through Ireland, we will experience that spirituality's core values: mysticism, spiritual friendship, unity--cutting across sectarian lines and celebrating the beauty in all things and in us.

    Sister Rees says: On our journey, we'll meet Ireland's Celtic saints, past and present. We'll visit the places where our forebears lived and prayed, and explore the remains of their chapels, huts and monasteries. Through archaeology, the study of sites and of early texts, we'll discover how these women and men lived, and the ideals they held. Most importantly, we'll meet and dialogue with their successors--the monks and nuns of today.

    Programs and Talks

    Sister Rees and guest guides will speak or lead small group sessions on the following topics:
  • Christ in Creation: A Celtic Perspective
  • St. Patrick's 'Confession': The Journal of a Celtic Monk
  • Celtic Christian Poetry
  • The Desert in Eastern and Western Spirituality
  • Monastic Life: Living the Contemplative Tradition

    Carl will speak on the following topics:

  • Honoring Brigid as Goddess and Saint
  • Holy Wells: Where Celtic, Pagan, and Christian Spiritualities Converge
  • The Irish Goddess and the Sacred Land
  • The Heroic Traditions of Irish Myth
  • Maeve: Vestigial Goddess or Wanton Woman?

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