Multifaith Mysticism--A Spiritual Journey Through Spain

Multifaith Mysticism--A Spiritual Journey Through Spain

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Overview Oct 11-21,2003

Join Beliefnet and well-known spiritual teachers for a fascinating journey through
the heart of Spain. We will explore the sacred and mystical traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in a unique combination of travel, practice, and study.
Spain has been called one of Europe's greatest jewels. A country known for its vibrant art and lively culture, it also claims a rich spiritual life and history of religious tradition. It has been home to Christian, Jewish, and Islamic civilizations--and its population has included great spiritual figures such as Saint Teresa of Avila, the Christian mystic; Moses Maimonides, the
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twelfth-century Jewish scholar; and Ibn Arabi, the great Sufi teacher. Today, a sense of the spirituality permeates every aspect of Spanish life, and it remains a deeply inspiring place for those who seek reflection on the sacred.

Beliefnet's 2003 Spain program and tour will offer a chance to look at the mystical teachings and sacred stories of the Spanish traditions. We will explore mystical Christianity on our visit to Avila, the home of Saint Teresa, on her Feast Day. We will go to the great Mosque of Cordova and the Alhambra in Granada, magnificent Moorish sites that illuminate the religious diversity that existed in Islamic days. And we will learn about the uniqueness of the Sephardic Jewish tradition while we wander through the synagogues of Toledo and the Jewish quarter of Cordova.

The trip includes optional extensions to Barcelona or the Santiago del Campostela.

Early bird (by June 15): $3445
Regular (June 16 - August 15): $3695

Prices include: International airfare from New York, accommodation in first class hotels, most meals, licensed local guides, ground transportation in air-conditioned buses, and all entrance fees and group transfers. For more details, e-mail

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