Memorial Day - Links Page

Memorial Day - Links Page

Memorial Day
Remembering Those Who Died in the Nation's Service

World War I Memorial
Features a photo of the World War I memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The World War I Document Archive
An international archive of primary documents housed at Boston University. Includes official papers, personal memoirs, photos, links, and more.
World War I - Trenches on the Web
High quality personal website featuring maps, photos, documents, links, and an ongoing discussion forum.

First World War
Well-designed site devoted to WWI information. Resources include battlefield tours, memoirs and diaries, vintage media, and a timeline.
A People At War
Virtual exhibit by the U.S. National Archives - featuring documents and photographs from their permanent collections.

The Avalon Project
A searchable archive of WWII documents assembled by Yale Law School.
The National WWII Memorial
Official website of the planned national memorial to all who served in World War II. Primarily a fundraising site.
The Korean War Veterans' Memorial
Official website produced by the National Park Service in connection with the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Korean War Commemoration
The official web site for the United States of America's Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War.
The Korean War Project
Website created and maintained by volunteers--which offers links to numerous official and unofficial databases on POWs, KIAs, MIAs, etc. Also features a Remembrance section with more than 5,000 tribute messages left by family and friends.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Site of the nonprofit organization that was authorized by Congress to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1979. It features a "virtual memorial"--that takes you panel by panel along the memorial. You can get "electronic rubbings" of any name on the wall and search a database to find a particular name.
Vietnam Veterans Memorials
A roster of Vietnam memorials--by state and country--with pictures and links.

Sons and Daughters in Touch
Organization of sons, daughters, and other family members of those who died or remain missing as a result of the Vietnam War.
The Vietnam POW Home Page
Official homepage for Vietnam-era prisoners of war, maintained by the organization Nam-POW.
Vietnam Veterans of America
The official, congressionally-chartered veterans organization, which offers a regular newsletter, updates on legislative issues, and assorted other information.
Gulf War Veterans Memorial
Online memorial to the casualties of Desert Storm.

Gulf War History Resources
A collection of links designed to ease the search for quality Gulf War-related information.
Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Well-designed, easy to use website which offers information to support Gulf War veterans, including a document archive, memoirs, and a locator database to help veterans find one another.
D.O.D. Memorial
This online memorial for Defend America, the Department of Defense's offical site, lists the names of the dead by military branch.

Beliefnet Memorial
A tribute to those killed in the nation's war on terror--in Afghanistan and beyond. Add your thoughts & prayers.
Fallen Heroes Memorial
A comprehensive database of soldiers who died during Operation Enduring Freedom. Searchable by name, date, branch of service, base, state, and age.
"Where Valor Proudly Sleeps"
The official website of Arlington National Cemetery lists the casualties of Operation Iraqi Freedom buried there.

Beliefnet Memorial
A tribute to those who died while serving in Iraq, to which you can add your thoughts and prayers.

D.O.D. Memorial
This online memorial for Defend America, the Department of Defense's offical site, lists the names of the dead by military branch.
The Iraq War Veterans Organization
Created by Vietnam veterans "to give tribute and honor" to the nation's newest vets, this site includes articles, chat, an event board, and resources on health care and veteran employment.

Fallen Heroes Memorial
A detailed listing of soldiers who died while serving in Iraq. Searchable by name, date, branch of service, base, state, and age.
The Department of Veterans Affairs
An easy-to-navigate site which includes a history of Memorial Day, information about various holiday-related events, and links to useful resources.

Military Reunions
Searchable database of upcoming military reunions. Can be searched by individual branch of service or by state.
Widows of War Living Memorial
A place where widows of all armed conflicts can record and share their stories. Created in conjunction with Barbara Sonnenborn's Oscar-nominated film "Regret to Inform," about the experiences of war widows on both sides of the Vietnam conflict.

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