Faq - Glossary

Faq - Glossary

Beliefnet Affiliate Program Overview


Browser is the term used for any piece of software that lets you see web pages. The most common browsers today are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

To enable cookies on your browser: Internet Explorer: On the Internet Explorer toolbar, pull down the Tools menu
On the Tools menu click Internet Options
Click on the Security tab at the top of the page
Make sure the Internet icon (globe) is highlighted
Click on the Custom Level button
Scroll down to the sixth choice Cookies (has the IE icon)
Select the Enable circle
Click OK at the bottom the Security Settings box
Click OK at the bottom of the Internet Options box.

Netscape Navigator:
On the Netscape Navigator toolbar, pull down the Edit menu
On the Edit menu, click on Preferences
Click on the Advanced tab
Under the Cookie section, click Accept all cookies
Click OK at the bottom of the Preferences box

Password: Is a secret code that is used along with your Beliefnet username to allow you access onto Beliefnet. The password is designed to ensure Beliefnet members the best security and privacy possible.
Please Note: Select a password with 5-8 characters. Must contain at least one letter and at least one number.

profile:profile is a bio page that provides a brief description of your general interests.

Username: Is the anonymous moniker or alius that you choose to be identified by on Beliefnet. Usernames are designed to offer Beliefnet members total anonymity and confidentiality when posting on Beliefnet discussion boards, dialogue groups, or memorials will be made with your username. It is advised that you choose a username that allows you total anonymity and privacy on Beliefnet. By choosing a discreet username, you ensure that no one will be able to acquire any private information about you from your username.
Please Note: Select a username with 3-64 characters. Only letters, numbers, dashes, periods, or underscores with, no blank spaces. Cannot begin with a number, and cannot begin or end with dashes, periods, or underscores. Cannot have any combination of two dashes, periods, or underscores in a row.