Faq - Discussions

Faq - Discussions

Beliefnet Affiliate Program Overview


Are there any rules for Beliefnet Discussions?
Beliefnet Discussions are an open forum for Beliefnet members to talk with each other about religion, spirituality, and related matters. In ongoing, in-depth discussions, members offer support, debate issues, find advice, and make new friends.

Are there any rules for Beliefnet Discussions?
Like any community of people, Beliefnet members have agreed to observe certain conduct guidelines that make it easier for everyone to converse in relative peace. Be aware that people of many diverse religious backgrounds come together on Beliefnet, and all are welcome. Discussions about religion can be spirited. You need not agree with everyone, but please treat others with respect and courtesy--even those with whom you disagree, and those who disagree with you.

Before posting, please review the Community Rules of Conduct. Beliefnet is a very open forum; however, certain types of posts are offensive to our members and will be relocated or removed (for instance: posts repeated in more than one location, commercial advertisements, hate speech, personal attacks, and other disruptive posts). Consult the Rules of Conduct for more detailed information.

How do I report inappropriate behavior in Beliefnet Discussions?
Write to Community@staff.beliefnet.com with a description of the problem, and the location where you saw the inappropriate post.

Is there a fee for using Beliefnet Discussions?
No. Participation in Beliefnet Discussions is absolutely free.

Must I register to participate in Beliefnet Discussions?
Yes, Beliefnet registration is required for all Beliefnet member services, including discussion boards. Registration is absolutely free.

Can I browse and read messages before I decide to participate?
Yes, all posts on Beliefnet Discussions can be read without registering for Beliefnet. To post, or reply to a post on Beliefnet Discussions, you must be a registered member of Beliefnet.

How do I find discussions?
Beliefnet Discussions and dialogue groups are organized by categories. Click on a category name to find out what discussion areas are available in that category.

You can use also use Beliefnet's discussion search to find specific discussions and dialogue groups.

How do I search the Beliefnet Discussions?
Beliefnet discussion search will check through titles and posts to find a match. Type a word (or several words) into the discussion search box on the Beliefnet home page, and then hit the "Search" button (or the "Enter" key on your keyboard). The Beliefnet discussion search will then display any matches it finds.

Tips to improve your search results:
  • Be specific. The more specific your search is, the more likely you will find what you want. Don't be afraid to type into the search box exactly what you are looking for.
  • Use keywords to help narrow down your search results.

    If you are not sure what Discussion group you are looking for, the discussion categories listing is a great place to start browsing.

    How do I post or reply to a message?
    If you are not a registered member of Beliefnet, you must first register as a Beliefnet member before you can participate on the discussion boards.

    Registered Beliefnet members must sign in to Beliefnet to participate in Beliefnet Discussions.

    Once you have signed in, click on the Discussions link on the left-hand side of the Beliefnet home page. This page will guide you to Beliefnet Discussions. Click on any Category or Discussion in which you would like to participate.

    When you enter a Discussion area, you will see a list of Discussion topics that have already been started. By clicking on a topic, you can read the messages that have been posted so far.

    You can participate in the conversation by posting a reply. Just click on the Reply button at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up box, write what you'd like to say, then click Submit. Your message will be posted in the Discussion you were reading, where others can see it and respond.

    Basic tips on posting
  • Speak from the heart. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts.
  • Remember that human beings with feelings are reading your messages. Consider the effect your words might have. Don't write something in a post that you wouldn't say to someone's face.
  • Others may disagree with you, and that's alright. Respect differences, and try to understand others, even if you don't agree with them. What may seem like heartfelt truth to you, may seem like blasphemy to someone else, and vice versa.
  • Beliefnet Discussions are open to the public. Don't post personal information about yourself, such as your phone number or address.
  • Read the Rules of Conduct before posting.
  • Respect any special guidelines that apply in certain forums.

    How can I edit or delete one of my posts?
    At this time, posts cannot be edited after they are posted. So before you click "Submit", be sure to check your post for spelling or grammar errors. You may wish to compose your post in a word-processing program like Microsoft Word, where you can use spell-checking, then copy and paste the finished product into the Discussion post form.

    In the near future, an upgrade to Beliefnet Discussions will include the facility for members to edit their posts.

    At your request, Beliefnet can delete a post you have made. Contact community@staff.beliefnet.com with your request.

    Can I request a new Discussion area or category?
    Yes. But before you request a new Discussion area, please search Beliefnet Discussions to see if the topic already exists. Beliefnet Discussions and dialogue groups are organized by categories. You can also use Beliefnet's discussion search to find a specific discussion and dialogue group.

    If the Discussion area you are looking for is not listed, you can start it yourself in our Add a Discussion Area section. When several people begin to participate with you in your new Discussion, Beliefnet will expand it to give it more space.

    Beliefnet is happy to create Discussion areas for any religious group or faith tradition that wants one. All that is required is that they show up and use it!

    How can I locate a specific member or post?
    In the near future, an upgrade to Beliefnet Discussions will allow you to search for posts by a specific member.

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