Lisa Schamess is a writer and mother living in Washington, D.C. She and her husband, Gil, wrote a column for Beliefnet, "A Diary of Living With Cancer," during the site's earliest months of existence. The focus of that initial column was their joint struggle to live fully in the face of Gil's diagnosis of metastatic liver cancer. Their essays offered a rare glimpse into the braided realities of patient and caretaker. On January 29, 2000, Gil died peacefully at home. Since then, Lisa has been writing a column entitled, "A Widow's Walk: A Year's Journey Through Grief," which chronicles her experience of mourning and loss after Gil's death.

Widow's Walk: A Year's Journey Through Grief

The Valley of the Shadow  -   A new widow reflects on the final weeks of her husband's illness and the first weeks of her new life alone.

Light & Shadow  -   Reflections on combining young motherhood with young widowhood

Homesick  -   When the person who is your heart's home dies, where does your heart go?

Memorial Days  -   Finding solace from grief in life's small, perfect moments
A Diary of Living With Cancer, written with Gil Schamess

Lost and Found  -   Coping with a new baby and sick husband.

Diagnosis  -   One minute you have a life, seconds later you have a life-threatening disease.

Spiraling Downward  -   Lisa chronicles small steps taking her family deeper into cancer's foreign territory.

Falling Off the Cliff  -   Lisa's diary records Gil's accelerating physical decline and her family's abrupt arrival at the end of hope.

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