Sorrow Before Dying
By Carol Staudacher

Comforting the dying as they come to terms with their own impending losses

On dealing with the loss of a loved one

 Dispatches From the Edge
First-person narratives by writers who have experienced the loss of a loved one

Featured Today:  Multifaith Teachings on Death
What the major religious traditions have to say about death and dying.

Featured Today:  Life After Death
Addressing questions about the afterlife

Featured Today:
  • Going to Hell
    Near-death experiences aren't all bright light and love; but even the bad ones can increase faith.
  • Waiting in Joyful Hope
    Preparations for a Greek Orthodox memorial service prompt thoughts of death, birth and rebirth.
    By Mary Sawyer
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 Dying Well
Practical information for the dying and their families

Featured Today:

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How Death Changed the Moyers

Beliefnet interviews Bill and Judith Moyers on how filming "On Our Own Terms" affected their own outlooks on death.


  • Your Reactions to "On Our Own Terms"

  • Debunking Hospice Myths
  • Treating the Suffering
  • Saying Goodbye

    See the full directory of discussions on Death & Dying.

  • Program Info

    "On Our Own Terms" premiered September 10th-13th on PBS. Check local listings for rebroadcast information.

    Part I - Living With Dying - The choices we make at the end of life

    Part II - A Different Kind of Care - Palliative care and making the dying process more tolerable

    Part III - A Death of One's Own - The debate over physician-assisted suicide

    Part IV - A Time to Change - Caregivers and policy reformers who are working at providing better end-of-life care

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  • Matt Ludwig - "I ask for your prayers as we face losing this wonderful little boy"

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