Practical information about palliative care, advice on the emotional care and support of the dying, coping with a terminal diagnosis, and more

Sorrow Before Dying  -   Comforting the dying as they come to terms with their own impending losses.
By Carol Staudacher

Being With a Dying Loved One  -   Ways to make the last days more precious.
By Kathleen Dowling Singh

Enlightenment at the End of the Tunnel  -   Consider a radical proposition: dying as a transcendent spiritual experience.
By Kathleen Dowling Singh

Facing the End: Living With Dying  -   How to cope with one of life's hardest challenges--a terminal diagnosis.
By Kathleen Dowling Singh

A Guide to First Steps  -  While there's no one right way to live in the shadow of death, there are certainly things to think about.
By Dr. Joanne Lynn

How to Share the Care  -  Bringing others together to help care for a dying loved one.
By Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock

Debunking Hospice Myths  -   If you think you know what hospice is, you're probably wrong.
By Naomi Naierman

Letting Go  -   A hospice patient demonstrates the power of forgiveness.
By Father Tom Johnson-Medland

Dying Without Fear  -   What would happen if we openly faced the fact that life, in all its goodness, includes the reality of death?
By Fran Moreland Johns

Sorrow Before Dying  -   Coming to terms with one's own impending losses
By Carol Staudacher

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