Our columnists and contributors share their first-hand experiences of losing a loved one and coping with grief.

Lisa Schamess's column, "A Widow's Walk: A Year's Journey Through Grief," chronicles her experience of mourning and loss after her husband Gil's death. Click for more information.

A Modern Psalm of Loss  -   A bereaved mother expressed her sorrow and faith in verse.
By Ann Weems

My Wife Died Suddenly Last March  -   A husband offers his reflections on the moments before his wife's abrupt death.
By Bernie Glassman

Death Comes to Paradise  -   The impending death of a pet prompts thoughts of human mortality.
By Susan Stewart Potter

Daddy Has Died  -   A young widow shares her family's experience with sudden loss.
By Debbie Jospin

A Slow Death Quickens the Faith  -   What my grandmother taught me about the right to die.
By Thomas Lynch

Eulogy for Alex  -   "God doesn't go around in this world with his fingers on triggers, his fist around knives, his hands on steering wheels."
By the Rev. William Sloane Coffin

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