Columnists Helen Fitzgerald and Carol Staudacher write regularly for Beliefnet about the issues of bereavement.

Helen Fitzgerald writes two columns: The Grieving Child, with advice for adults on helping bereaved children; and The Grieving Teen, speaking directly to a teen audience.

Carol Staudacher writes The Journey Through Sorrow, a continuing examination of the adult grieving process.

The Grieving Child:
What to Tell the Children  -   When a member of the family is dying, how much should young children be told

How to Help a Fearful Child  -   How to sooth the fears of a young child's first exposure to death

When a Child's Pet Dies  -   Pet death is many children's first exposure to grief. The way this loss is handled can set patterns for life.

Do Children Grieve?  -   When is loss real to a child? And how can adults help them cope?

When a Parent Dies  -   Advice for the surviving spouse on how to help young children cope

The Grieving Teen:
When a Friend Commits Suicide  -   Helping teens find comfort and closure

When Teens Lose a Parent  -   The unique challenge of losing a parent in the midst of adolescence

When a Friend Threatens Violence  -   What are the warning signs that a teenager could be dangerous to himself--or others? And what should you do if you see them?

What If I Feel the Wrong Thing?  -   Helen addresses a teen's fear of not grieving the "right way."

When Depression Is Real  -   Depression is a normal part of grief. But what can you do when it won't go away?

Teens Ask Helen  -   Questions & Answers on suicide in the family and the guilt that often accompanies death

When a Sibling Dies  -   Any child's death prompts an outpouring of sympathy for the parents, but what about the surviving kids?

The Journey Through Sorrow:
The Grief of Your Dying Loved One   -   Comforting the dying as they come to terms with their own impending losses

When a Child Dies  -   Surviving the end of dreams

Surviving a Violent Death  -   Coping with the harsh grief of a death by suicide, murder, or accident

Grieving the Death of a Parent  -   Steps toward healing from one of life's profoundest losses

Will My Grief Ever End?  -   What to do when the pain of grief persists

What Did You Inherit?  -   A comforting way to reframe a common, tasteless question people ask the newly bereaved

Advice for the Grieving  -   How to find a support group or plan a memorial service

Is My Grief Normal?  -   Questions & Answers about what "normal" means in the changed world of sorrow

The Small "Insanities" of Grief  -   The onset of grief can feel a lot like losing your mind.

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