Election2000 - Gore Church - Story3

Election2000 - Gore Church - Story3

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New Salem had its troubles, too. Founded as a United Baptist church with 36 members in 1849, by the 1880s pressure was mounting for New Salem to join the Southern Baptists. Through the Southern Baptist Convention, churches were pooling their resources to support missionaries, as well as large education and publishing arms. New Salem wanted missionaries, but the tiny congregation didn't have much to give. They decided to send their offering directly to missionaries, rather than through the SBC.

For a time, the congregation flourished. A 1921 revival inspired 40 professions of faith, doubling church membership almost overnight. Membership peaked in the 1960s, when New Salem claimed 168 people on its rolls, including the "Ken and Barbie of Elmwood." That's what young Al Gore called himself and Donna Armistead, an Elmwood and New Salem girl Gore dated during high school.
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Edna Armistead, Donna's grandmother who ran a general store in Elmwood, was a big influence on young Gore, often talking to him for hours at a time about her three priorities in life: "God, family, and the Democrats."

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