Affiliates- Pitch Page

Affiliates- Pitch Page

Welcome to the Beliefnet Partner Network!

What is the Beliefnet Partner Network?

The Beliefnet Partner Network is the first exclusive cooperative marketing program for religious and spiritual web sites. Beliefnet is looking to partner with those web sites that follow our goal of helping individuals meet their needs for matters of the soul - that provide information, products, or services that inform, enrich, and inspire. We hope to create a network of the highest quality, targeted content and commerce opportunities for religion and spirituality on the Web.
Why should I join?

  • Leverage your site's traffic to generate advertising revenue.
  • You get paid for every impression sold on your site by Beliefnet
  • Beliefnet will cover all sales and ad serving costs.
  • Increase the value of your site by aligning with the content, power, and success of Beliefnet.
  • Beliefnet will only sell and serve appropriate advertising for your site.
  • Best of all, it's absolutely FREE to join
How does it work?

The Beliefnet Partner Network is driven by three (3) main integrated components that will provide your site with revenue and promotion:
  • Advertising Banner: Beliefnet will sell and serve a top 468x60 advertising banner on your site.
  • Beliefnet-branded Integration Bar: Beliefnet will allow you to choose from several examples of a Beliefnet-branded Integration Bar for you to place within the top 400 pixels of every page of your site.
  • Promotion on Beliefnet: A permanent link to your site will be placed in all appropriate areas on the Beliefnet site.
How do I sign up?
  • Fill out the Beliefnet Partner Application.
  • Once we accept your application, we will provide you with the Beliefnet Partner Network Agreement via email.
Where do I get answers to my other questions?