Relationships, Relationship Advice, Interfaith Relationships

Relationships, Relationship Advice, Interfaith Relationships


Beliefnet is the leading site covering religion and spirituality. Our relationships section offers articles, advice columns, quizzes, and interactive features about the many spiritual aspects of relationships, marriage and dating. These include:
  • Advice about interfaith dating and interfaith marriage
  • Tips for finding your soul mate
  • Tools for assessing compatibility
  • Advice and candid discussions about sex in relationships, sex before marriage, and sexual ethics
  • Faith-based offerings like Christian relationships and dating advice, Muslim marriage advice, and tips for religious wedding planning
We offer relationship advice from the best dating and marriage experts, including Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Renita Weems, and "Care of the Soul" author Thomas Moore. Beliefnet also offers our own values-based dating service, Soulmatch, where you can meet someone who matches the criteria you're looking for in a mate. Please choose a topic below to begin your exploration of Beliefnet's vast relationships offerings.


Advice for Interfaith Couples

Renita Weems offers advice for couples of different religions who are planning on getting married.

A Secret Interfaith Relationship

I have a Catholic girlfriend and a Jewish mother. Is it OK to hide my interfaith relationship from my parents?


Are You Waiting for God to Bring You a Date?

Don't wait for the right one to fall into your lap. Dating expert Henry Cloud offers some steps to take on your own to improve your dating life.

Find a Date on Soulmatch

Try the unique dating service that finds you matches based on the values and character traits and religious beliefs that you care about most.


Are You Compatible With Your Partner?

Use Beliefnet's Love Compatibility Tool to find out!

Do Opposites Attract?

Find out from world-renowned relationships counselor Harville Hendrix.


How to Handle Sexual Temptation

Shmuley Boteach offers the infidelity cure, his suggestion for stopping the cycle of sexual temptation.

When Sex Before Marriage Is Out

Why is it so hard to find a man who won't insist on sleeping with you? Renita Weems offers advice for a Christian woman.


Relationships Advice, Features, and More

Visit Beliefnet's complete Relationships section for even more advice, articles and tools to improve your love life.