Beliefnet is the leading site covering religions and spirituality. When a marriage ends, Beliefnet can help you find the support, wisdom, and spiritual insight that you need most during your time of need. Our divorce content includes:
  • Advice from relationships columnists Thomas Moore, Renita Weems, and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about getting through the pain of divorce, dating after divorce, and how couples can avoid a divorce.
  • Religious divorce ceremonies, for people of many different faith backgrounds.
  • Tips from "Spiritual Divorce" author Debbie Ford on how to understand divorce as a journey and not only as a painful loss.
Beliefnet offers you faith and spiritual resources to help you through this painful time. Please choose a topic below to explore our divorce offerings.


Dating After Divorce

How long should I wait before dating again? Relationships expert Thomas Moore answers.

Does Depression Justify Divorce?

Utter resistance to receiving help can make divorce a necessary evil when one member of the couple is depressed. By Shmuley Boteach


Ceremonies of Separation

A religion-by-religion guide to ending a marriage, including rituals for Christian divorce, Jewish divorce, Muslim divorce, Unitarian divorce, Catholic annulment, And more.

Catholic Annulment

The annulment process helps couples confront a failed relationship and build a future within the Church. By Jennifer M. Paquette


The 7 Spiritual Laws of Divorce

How to use your divorce to improve your life, heal old wounds, learn, and grow.
By "Spiritual Divorce" author Debbie Ford.